Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today? I am thankful for Facebook!!

I was trying to think of WHAT to post today about Gratitude. I truly am SO thankful for SO much! I came home from an awesome Trunk Show at Bountiful Home in Edmonds,,,,,on a "Post Show" High, if you will,,,where you are wound up and going in a Bazillion different directions,,,,,,,,,,and I logged onto Facebook!

And while Logging in/posting, sharing,,,,I got a Message from my Nephew Tristan, in Germany!!

Isn't he Handsome??? He's an aspiring Musician  and he wants to come and Visit his Auntie in Seattle!!!

Now this shouldn't be any "Big thing." And yet it is!! I didn't even KNOW I had a Tristan in my life until about 10 years ago......let alone KNOW THAT I had a half-sister, his mom,,,,,In Germany. Or that I had another Sister in Ireland,,,,,,and all together 4 nephew's total!! One of these days, I'll share the whole "Story" again, but suffice it to say, it's been Great Fun getting to know my Nephew more through Facebook! And he's connect to my youngest Andrew, too!!

He wants to come and Visit me soon and I'm so excited to spend more time with him!! Too Fun!! We're working on it for the New Year!!

FB has also put me in touch with old Classmates, old Co-workers and helped me better connect with  fellow Junkers, Artists and old Friends!! But right NOW I cannot EVEN begin to tell you how excited I am to have the Chance to get to know my Nephew better,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am thankful and Blessed!!

Hugs, Love and a "Face to Face" Bus!~


  1. Yes, he is very handsome! I like facebook too - am still in touch with nurses I workd with years ago. Most of all I love to see the photos of all their kids growing up and their school activities! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. What a handsome kid!

    So glad you had a great trunk show!

    Happy Holidays my Sweet Friend!



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