Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Surely, you didn't think I'd "Do" Red and Green,,,and Don't call me Shirley!!

Little by little, I'm feeling better and starting to get some"Stuff" Done!! Today, I worked on my Mantle for the Holidays, and of COURSE it is NOT red and green!! It's Pastel, and Vintage and "Kitch" and,,,,a "Bit" over the top,,,but I'm likin' it!

Old Lady Pink, Aqua, Creme, Silver and gold........

Here's an over view,,,,,Hard to photograph the whole thing with lights/mirrors reflecting all over the place,,,,,,,

So, More Closeups..........

Love this Vintage Hot Pink Moose I bought from my friend Mark last year,,,,,,,,,,,

But this is my Favorite Image.........

When I reviewed this image in the Middle of my Mantle, I have such happy Memories, The little Angel is one my mother bought for our Family tree at "Fredrick and Nelson's" back in the 60's. The bird is from my Co-worker/friend Jana at Joyworks, The White "Christmas Joy" tree was Given to me by my friend and Co-worker Sandi also from Joyworks,,,,but extra special, because it was made by my friend Linda Morrison. The "Clown/Angel, you see a glimpse of on the Far left was recently "gifted to me" by my friend and "Farm Chicks" Buddie Linda Jensen,,,,And the elaborate, Gilded and be-jeweled handmade "ornie" on the right was found while Junkin' with my Mary girl.

It's great to have Fabulous Decorations,,,,But I would gladly give them all away,,,except for those special pieces from Friends and Family.  Those that Evoke special memories, whether they be elaborate or handmade by our Children and ( I can only hope someday) Grandchildren.

My family wasn't big on "Saving things." I'm Lucky to have a few things my Mom saved (And my Grandmother,,,aka "Oma" gave me).  We used to have a sign in Joyworks that SO summed up my life/loves, "My Grandmother Used it, My Mom Tossed it, and I bought it!" I have a Vintage heart.......

May you truly enjoy creating your OWN Holiday Memories, new and Old!! I'm still thinking on the whole tree thingy with Beau Kitten...........But you'll be the first to know/See!!

Hugs, Love and a "Memorable" Bus!


  1. Oh how so beautiful!!! Love all the vintage and pastels. take care, Darlene

  2. LOVE your vintage festive colour scheme...beautiful!!

  3. Oh what a wonderful display and with so many memories. Just beautiful!

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