Sunday, November 11, 2012

A "Bountiful" Event,,,,,,and Gratitude!!

I'm so Excited and so Honored and Blessed! My dear, talented, kind and thoughtful friend Todd, from Bountiful Home in Edmonds, WA, invited me a few weeks ago to have a "Trunk Show" in his gorgeous store for the Holidays!! And wow! It is only 6 days away now! I'll have lots of One of a Kind hand crafted/Vintage inspired items, supplies as well as Vintage Holiday Items and Antiques...........

It's kind of funny, how excited I am! I've done many Shows/Events. I've been published in a National Magazine, I've sold things to stores, done custom orders, and of course, had things at the shop I work at, Joyworks. But,,,,I've yet to have someone feature "Moi," invite only me to "do" an Event! Trust me, it won't go to my head,,,but I just feel honored and blessed. Todd's store is amazing! He has a great "eye!  And I'm honored to have him as a friend!!

If you are local and you've never been to his Store in Downtown Edmonds, I'd encourage you to stop by! ( And if you follow me on my Blog or on FB, I'll give you 10% off any of MY stuff,,handmade OR Vintage items).

I have several busy days ahead of me, finishing up things and pricing!! I can't wait!!

Hugs, Love and a "Bountiful" Bus!

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  1. wish it wasn't so very far away! would bring a carload of friends to see your work! good luck.


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