Saturday, November 10, 2012

Days 9, 10 and 11 of Gratitude!! (Joyworks Holiday Open House)

I got a bit behind yesterday in my Gratitude posts, so today I'm posting about 3 things I'm grateful for! Cupcakes, Customers and Computers!! We had our Holiday open house last nite at Joyworks,,,,We were Busy and the store looked great! Fun time with all our Customers Old AND New!

Here's a bunch of Pictures of the Store........... (You can click on images to enlarge)

Our Deer tree out in front...........Notice Jana's Deer head on the top.......

Pastels,,,,,some of Jana's and my Favorites............

( a few of my Snowmen boxes amongst the other Pastel goodness!)

Here's our friends Lisa and Heather from NEW YORK Cupcake! Lisa generously brought over 150 minis for our event,,,,,,and lemme tell you, they make the BEST cupcakes!!!

Love you Girls!! Thank you for making our event event Sweeter!!

Pastel tree,,,,,,,,

Jana made this GREAT "Tree" On an old Vintage screen, love this!!


The Landing staircase, going downstairs......Owls, Mushrooms and "Woodsy delights."........

Jana's fun Owl Picture.........I love my Co-worker/friend/Artist........You see and find her creativity ALL over Pinterest, and she doesn't get the credit she deserves! I see her ideas/displays/arts "Pinned all over the World,,,,,,,,,," and whenever I "re-Pin" it,,,,,,as I do my other artistic/crafty friends I add, Jana from Joyworks,,,,,( Sidebar: Or for that matter ANY images/creations I see made by ANY of you!) And,,,,,,I've even come across my own creations in "No man's land....." I see how things get lost in the "Shuffle" but I you see something come up on Pinterest and you KNOW the creator, artist, origin, I think it's important to acknowledge!!!) So,,,,,,onward.......

"Case in Point!"

Cute vignette in a Suitcase...........

"Suits" Santa Well,,,,,,,,,,,a little Vignette......

Another great tree,,,,,,

This USED to be "The White room." And it's evolved,,,,,,,,bits of Aqua,,,,,,,,,Love this Vignette,,,,again "Click on the image to enlarge and see Jana's Sweater wrapped Candles! Lovely!!

Fuzzy image,,,,,sorry or our "Wedding tree." So cute,,,,,,a lot of my Felt hearts on this one........


Had fun making these,,,,,,,,,fun on the Wedding Tree...........Felt Hearts........

Another Heart.............

Great Idea!!! I SO love This!! Jana took an old French Print  and added the ribbon and Glittery "Joyeaux Noel" to it,,,,,,How fun!! That's our Jana Girl!!

Gingerbread tree............

And of course, we have our "Beachy Area!!"

I could have taken a LOT more photos, vignettes, but we were getting super busy! I helped with the Food re-stocking,,,,which moved FAST, as we were SO busy! And Shopping baskets, and re-stocking and back stock,,,etc.! It was a FUN eve,,,,,and once again I was SO thankful that I worked at Such an amazing shop with Such amazing talented and creative women! AND, That I have a Computer that currently has no problems ....a Camera that's working and Cupcakes!!! Could life be BETTER?? I think NOT!!!

Hugs and Love and a "Sweet, Creative, High Tech" Bus on the Cheek!!"


  1. I'm not usually a pastel gal but I simply LOVE that tree made of vintage (looks like) blue, pink, etc. ornaments! I have a wreath I put up every year that I made of old ornaments and just love the look.

  2. Thanks Shell for all the great Joyworks pictures and all the nice comments on my crafting...from one crafter to another! :)


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