Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8 of Gratitude,,,Vintage and Antique Goodness!

I LOVE Vintage and Antique goodies,,,and I'm grateful to have them in my life! It doesn't have to be expensive or Fancy,,,,some times it's just something that reminds me of my Childhood, or sometimes it's something from a more glamorous or romantic time. I lean towards the Chippy/Pastel/Frou-Frou/European stuff, but I still love me some "Kitch!"

I had fun putting this wreath together will little bits from the 50's and 60's, aka My Childhood.


I truly don't think I had a big love of those goodies from my Childhood until my mother passed away.They always evoked fun memories, but after she died, I think I wanted to grasp those  happy carefree years and hold them a bit tighter....

True for the Holidays, but for all the days of the year. I still gravitate towards the more romantic in my own decor, but will always have a soft spot for the "Kitch," the "Mid Century Modern Stuff." 

I'm feeling a bit "Vintage" Myself today, working away at Holiday Goodies,,,,,no more gluing, cutting, or glittering tonight, my fingers are a bit achy!! 

(In looking at pictures of this wreath, do you think it needs more Mica glitter?? I'm thinking maybe so, let me know what you think, please!)

Hope you are safe and WARM, My heart goes out to all on the East Coast, given the double Whammy! 

Hugs, Love and a Whimsical Bus!

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