Sunday, November 18, 2012

day 10+7+1,,,,,Thankful my Computer still works!!

So,,,,,last nite? After my Trunk Show I "unleashed" the BEAST!! That would be the cute kitten that is Beau,,,,,,He is still to little to go outside,,,,and when I'm gone I have to put him in my Bedroom,,,with food, water and toys, of course!! With the two big dogs, I have a doggie door,,,and I'm afraid to give him the run of the house for fear he'll follow the dogs right out!! So to reiterate, he's a bit "Wound" up when I come home and let him out. (This only happens two days a week while I'm working)..........And yesterday, my son Andy even stopped by to let him out for a while to run wild, But apparently it wasn't Enough!!!

And yesterday? He went all Hell Cat on me when I got home......Running, jumping, batting at the big dogs ( They are good sports,,claws and all). And he jumped on my laptop while I was checking out FB and you can SEE my "Eight key,,,,and the subsequent "Nine" key are NOW running amuck!! I tried to "snap" them back in,,,,,,,ummm no such luck!! 

But everything else is working Okay. Maybe one of my Son's friends can help/advise!! So,,,,,I'm thankful the darn thing is still working,,,,,ahhhhh, the Joy's of Kitten hood!!

Hope you had a good weekend!! Worked at Joyworks today,,,,Now I can re-coup from the Show, work and oh yeah! Cat Mayhem!! Did I mention he is CUTE as all get out???

I'm being attacked now,,,,,so Pushing the Publish button,,,,,editing be darned!!

Hugs Love and a "Geeky" Bus!!


  1. You are so funny!! You should write a book about the antics of your animal babies!! I can only imagine how they have you wrapped around their little paws!

  2. It's going to be an Interesting Christmas that's for sure!! "To Tree or NOT to Tree, That is the Question!"


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