Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comments/Coughs and Christmas Begins!

I have a Question tonight for all of you and I would REALLY appreciate any comments As soon as you read this,,,,,,,When you are trying to REALLY help someone and make a difference not only in Their life, but quite frankly in the Lives of others, yet, before you Act,,,you seek their approval. You want to help them, you are  simply BURSTING to help them, and they tell you to wait,,,,,,,so you wait. And then? The timing seems SO right,,,and you think it could be the moment. They are tentative, reluctant,,,,would you go Ahead?? Without their approval? IF What you thought you could do for them would Help??? If their mission and cause was so important, would YOU take it upon yourself to promote them, without their approval?? Please let me know. Leave a comment Asap. I am thinking with my heart,,,,,,and I need insight, because if I'm going to go out on this limb......I hope I do the right thing!!

In the meanwhile,,,,and much less important, I'm getting a BIT healthier day by day....I started sorting through Ornaments...."Beau-Proof" and Non "Beau kitty Proof." I had enough energy to START my Garland ( not done yet),,,,,and some more collectible items will go on the Mantel and in my French Cabinet in the background..........Going to be an interesting Holiday!!

Hope you are feeling healthy! Prayers and Hugs today, for my dear Sister in Law Mary, who went through her FIRST Chemo Treatment since having Cancer.  (They didn't do it when she had two Vertebrae removed with Cancer and replaced by Hip bone. They didn't do Chemo either, when the removed her Cancerous Kidney. The Cancer is Back now,,,in her neck/spine. So Chemo today.)

Maybe I'm trying to Compensate for Mary's Cancer and my helplessness. Maybe I'm trying to boost a cause, change what I can. Change what you can? And hope that others can change what you can't!

Hugs, love and a Bus for a Cause!

Please Oh please leave a comment I'd really like some insights/thoughts!! Thanks!!


  1. Shell-- this is a hard one to respond to/- but my gut reaction is to say No-- you need to wait if that is what you are asked to do. It's not always our decision-- perhaps you could invite the opportunity for more discussion with that person. But I think you should wait to act on your impulse---- that's my opinion girlfriend--

  2. I appreciate your opinion SO much Vicki!! More than I can say......I will wait, because I respect your insights. But please say a Prayer that I get a "Go ahead!" And soon! Some people are SO busy doing what needs to get done, what is really important, they don't take time to ask for help!!

  3. Hi Shell, I would love to be able to advise you, but without knowing the 'cause' and what it is you want to do to help, I think that would be irresposible. I know that isn't much help to you, but only you know the circumstances, and what the possible results might be. Think long and hard about taking a course that would affect someone else's life. Once done, some things can't be undone. I am keeping your SIL in my thoughts,and seding healing Blessings

  4. I agree with Vicki - if they said No then that's what is right for them at this moment. No matter how well meaning your intentions are - you have to respect their feelings. I know lots of times I'd like to "live" someone's life differently bcause with age comes experience and you only want the best for them. But you just can't do it. Put it in God's hands! Hugs!

  5. Tough question, Shell. As difficult as it is, I agree with the above... "wait." As hard as waiting is, it is what is right for them in their journey at this moment. Remember, "wait" doesn't mean "never..." And when the timing is perfect, EVERYthing will line up, including them being receptive to your offer/help. Hugs and Joy

  6. ok so I left a comment and then it disappeared. Glad you are starting to feel better. Sending prayers out for your SIL. Hmmm I agree with all the other comments. I can tell you are so excited and want so much to bring about some change for someone. If you are still raring to go after the person said wait, stop and think why they said to wait. Are they sick? Are they afraid? Are they shy? Maybe you need to sit down and talk to this person and give reasons why you think it would make a diference and even come up with some negatives that might occur at the same time. If you now exactly why someone is hesitant then it is much easier to make a choice. I think sometimes we see something so clearly and don't want to take no or not now for an answer. It has to be more about the other persons life than our own. oh I wanted to tell you that our grandkids call us Oma and Opa---that is what I called my grandparents....


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