Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13 of Gratitude,,,,a Creative and ADD Mind

Some days, I hate it that my mind goes 80mph.......I can't focus and "flit" from one thing to another! It doesn't stop at night either, I get the Weirdest (and sometimes the best) Ideas in the middle of the night............

Still waiting to hear any more news on my SIL Mary, and I don't want to call,,,,for more reasons than I can explain. (Don't want to disturb them, Don't want to hear about the new tests, don't want to feel more helpless than I already feel!) So I worked on a TON of stuff today,,,,Finished another wreath......

And finished one more House,,,,,

And finished a bunch of smaller stuff.  So today, I'm thankful to let my mind go a mile a minute and distract myself...............

I've had a sinus headache for several hours,,perhaps I inhaled a bit of glitter,,,,,but more likely Stress induced!

Hope you had a great day.......Sorry, between the stress and the headache, I'm not my usual upbeat self........

Hugs, love and a distracted "Bus!"


  1. Hello!
    Brazil, November 14, 2012
    Strolling by night on the blogs of friends, I found your link and come visit.
    I also have pain, and anoite for me is the best time to make my visits, post and comment on the blogs of friends.
    I loved coming here, this crown was show, loved it here and I'm already seguir.A invite you so you can meet my little corner, I hope you enjoy.
    Cheers, health and much success.

  2. Shell-- I'm loving your Christmas crafts!!! These are going to be gone in a flash at the craft show!


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