Monday, November 19, 2012

Today I'm just thankful for a Dry Home and a Good Haircut!!

We have more names for Rain in Washington then I'd imagine anywhere else in the World!! Rain,Drizzle, Mist, precipitation, Showers, Downpour, Wet, and today, FLOODS and Deluge!!

I'm just thankful that I have a Relatively Dry (My little roof leak miraculously has not been affected today) And that I have a good haircut,,,,I've gotten drenched about 6 times today!

Oh yeah, and we've had WIND!!

We Washingtonian's are NOT afraid of a little Wet,,,,in fact most of us don't even OWN and Umbrella (Just the Transplants) But today's a BIT much!! Flooding, power outages and lots of traffic accidents!! If you're local, hope you're safe and Warm!!!

Hugs, Love and a Soggy Bus!!


  1. What? No haircut picture? ;-)
    Hope you dry out soon, girlfriend.

  2. Thankful you are safe and warm. We have your drizzle today, yet it is a warm storm. I am wearing a scarf and hat.

  3. And those out of state people wonder why we love hot drinks and fleece...Lots of flooding near my neck of the woods.


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