Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15 of Gratitude,,My Tenant Ellen!!

I was GOING to post today that I was Grateful for my friend "Marie." She's Cheap, easy and Fast!!Oh,,,,,,,get your mind out of the Gutter, I was talking about Marie Callendar's!  Great Frozen dinners to grab when you are in a PINCH! (Not so into cooking/prep right before an Event!)

But then right around the time I finished revamping THIS,,,,,,,

The best tenant, Renter in the Whole world brought me some Amazing Pumkin/Pecan Cake with Whipped Creme!!! So,,,,,kickin' Marie to the Curb! Thank you Ellen!! (And she doesn't read me blog, I don't think, but when I didn't have anyone else's shoulder to cry on the other night  when I found out Mary was sick again, that little 5'2 frame hugged with a strength and compassion unsurpassed.) I am blessed!!

I'll get the recipe for the won't ever want Pumpkin Pie again!

And, I finished the fun Pixie "Re-do!" She was a mess,,,,,,,so I gave her a new purpose,,,,Hugging this star full of Vintage Treasures!!

 Hard to see, all the embellishments!!

Fun piece, to "Do!" Frankly I don't care if I sell her, she'd be fun to add t my Holiday !decore!! Oh dear,,,,more key's sticking,,,,,No more Glitter and spray glue!!

Almost finished up packing/pricing and a last sprinkle or two of glitter for my open house at Bountiful Home on Sat!! If you're local, hope to see you there!!

Hope you are having a good week! It's a good time for me to be busy, takes my mind off of situations I have to leave in God's hands. Your continued Prayers for Mary are appreciated more than I can say. My Prayers and well wishes to all of YOU that your are safe, happy and well!

Hugs, Love and a "Sweet" Bus!!


  1. So cute'll have so much fun with Todd at Bountiful! Much love to you, see you soon <3

  2. I had so much fun setting up today! Think tomorrow will be a good day!! Miss you, see YOU soon!!

  3. love it all. Hope you had a fantastic time at your open house.


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