Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I will love and give all I can.
I will set boundries, often hard- For for what I CANNOT or Will NOT do.
I will accept that I am Human and have both limitations and endless abilities and gifts.
I will TRY to sort out the differences between the two.
Today? I will accept that I cannot "fill-in" all the gaps,

I've been trying for some time now to take care of my little 92yo friend,,,My mom's friend, Helen. It hurts to know,,,,,,I cannot be "enough." She's going to need more care........

You DO What your can do......and at some point you have to let go.

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" of acceptance,,,,,,,


  1. Hi Shell...

    Wow...does you post hit home for me!!
    My Mom lives with me and my husband. My Mom is 92 and her name is Helen.I take care of her everyday.
    In one capacity or another I have always helped my mother. I am an only child and so it has always fallen on my shoulders. I could go into the whole story here..but I won't.....I want you to know I understand...totally. For me everyday is hard...I put it all in His hands for He knows my frustrations and my distress. I will keep you in my prayers dear Shell. Your not alone....

    Warm hugs...


  2. I know what you're feeling Shell. It's coming to that point with my step-father also. Hard to know when to give up the ghost and get help as it takes so long to get that here and the very time I've made up my mind to start looking for that place for him, he seems better. Then just as quickly he doesn't.

  3. Oh, yeah. I get it, Shell!
    Wore myself right into the ground.
    Good call, my dear!
    Hugs and a wiser than before bus,


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