Monday, April 9, 2012

I am SO far behind.....Where do I begin? Maybe with a smile.

Bonnet Contest Winner on Saturday,,,,,,In the "Pet" Division........
This darling Guinea Pig took first Place!

We had a great day,,,,,,,Here's a Picture of my "Art Assistant", Nat,,,,,,,,and her cutie BF Mitch, who helped with the Sign up and Contest.........

Nat and Mitch.....

They also helped me with the Bonnet Making Session at the boys and girls Club........

Some of the Bonnet Contestants........

My friend Ginny,,,,,,,,,,Runs Emeritus,,,,,,the assisted Living facility here in town and Judge extrodinaire,,,,,

I have TONs more pics,,,,,but I got busy in the yard today,,,,,I needed a "ME" day......

Sis-in-law Mary,,,,,Home. In Port Angeles. More Doc Visits today locally. Nofurther news. 
After a short Convo with my brother about the day, before we finished the call, I got an  "I love you." Before he said goodbye. 
I KNOW my brother loves me........but 10 years age difference kinda changes things.....but not any more. I can't remember him ever saying that.
After returning home from Viet Nam in the Army.
After his wedding to my dear Sister-in-law.
After the Birth of his Son, my Nephew. 
Or his Grandkids.
After the death of my husband. Although he then put his arm around my shoulder and walked me around the Church grounds.
After our Mother died, 3 years ago,
we hugged and embraced, cried and laughed.
Just shy of his breaking point, of totally letting his guard down, of unknown futures, of gratitude,
realizations, my cerebral, compartmentalized brother, utters those "Three little Words."
"I Love you."

We're gonna get through this. And, as a result, we're going to have  an even stronger bond!

I hope you all had a great Easter. The Sun has finally arrived in Washington State!
I spend my day, today, pulling weeds, pruning, planting,,,,,,,all GREAT therapy! I'll have the sore muscles to show for it tomorrow!

Love to you all ( it come easier to me than to to others) Hugs,,,,,,,because I am a True believer in Touch! and a Blessed, Cherished "Bus" on the Cheek to you ALL!


  1. shell, i thought about you this weekend! i can only imagine what that meant to hear i love you from your brother.

    glad you were able to be in your can work miracles.

    much love,

  2. Shell,
    I get it. I have four brothers. Got "I love you" from all four of them when Jud died. It meant the world.
    You and your family are in my prayers. I keep looking for news.
    We need touch so much!
    A big hug and a warm bus on the cheek,


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