Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Best "Therapy" I can think of! (Pets and Gardening)

Today was a GREAT "therapy" day! I started early weeding, pruning, planting and FINALLY later today,,,,,I MOWED! Well, at least PART of the yard, and the hardest. And, I had the "Help" of my new little neighbor "Tommy."

Here's my "New Tenant," neighbor Tommy, the Shitzu Pup......

Mom, Ellen, my "Human" tenant, chose NOT to be photographed,,,,,,and I don't blame her, we both worked hard in our mutual yards today.
Tommy, posing under my  Kodi...........Too funny- Lovin' the Green!

Truthfully? I haven't had much long term interaction with smaller dogs. I LOVE all animals, but have always preferred bigger dogs myself, other than my "Lucy" girl,,,who was a Corgie/Golden Retriever Mix,,,,I KNOW,,,,,,she was "mess," but a loveable one. 

I'm loving having Tommy around...he's got a GREAT personality and the "Big dogs" just love him. "We" have to come to terms about Holly Kitty though,,,,,SHE is NOT amused!

Tomorrow,,,,,,,the weather is supposed to turn "south." Aka Rain,,,So I'm glad I got done what I DID these last two days........I'll be headed into the Studio, to get busy on some items for "Island Chicks" later this month in Anacortes! Looking forward to a GREAT SHOW!

Hugs, Love and a "Bloomin'" Bus on the Cheek


  1. I love rainy days for creating, have fun!!!


  2. I'am such a 'big dog person' too. Give me german shepard, golden retriever etc...any day. Hubs on the other hand is a terrier /taco bell dog guy. So funny.

  3. Thinking of you!!! in the rain today!!!! oh well guess you are glad you already worked in the garden! Still thinking and praying for Mary too!


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