Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Days Till "Island Chicks!"

I'm Really Excited about this Upcoming Show! " Island Chicks" is just 5days away!

All the Vendors that I have talked to that have previously done this Venue, have had nothing but good things to say! And Jackie, the primary promoter of said event has been awesome!

So? If you are Local......Come visit us all (32+ Vendors) in Anacortes this Saturday! I'm sure you'll have a GREAT Time!

(Apparently, I'm the FIRST Vendor you'll see when you enter the Venue,,,,which, well, to put it Mildly,,,,,,Makes me want to Jump out of my Skin! There are SO many Big time "Pro's at this event, I'm feeling a BIT intimidated.........)

Also, I was Supposed to "do" this Event with my Sister-in-law, Mary, who is Now battling Cancer. I'm feeling blessed because my Son Andrew, is stepping in to help me. Life throws you curves,,,,,and you try to adjust!

Hope your week is going well! I've been able (Thanks Debra @ Common Ground) to revert BACK to the Old blogger format,,,,,,but from what I've heard, It may not last long......

Hugs, Love and and "Anticipatory Bus!"


  1. I too managed to revert back to the old blogger format....sad to hear it may not last long.....But you know how it goes either we change with the times or get off the may be time to get off the train.....
    I think i would love to have a table at a show but Shell how much stuff do you have to have to have a show.....say you make it and it doesn't sell and you have all this money wrapped up in it...then what...?? Hugs! deb

  2. Shell,
    Have lots of fun and sell lots.
    Kathy and Kris


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