Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Channeling my "inner" Connie Francis,,,,,,,,Paper Roses

This morning, I had an 80's flashback! I was working in Cosmetics at Nordstrom and this woman? Came running over from the adjacent Shoe department and breathlessly exclaimed, " YOU look JUST like Connie Francis!" Well, "Connie" was a good 10 years older than me, so I didn't know HOW to take it!

But today? I was thinking about "Connie" when I made "Paper Roses," (from the 1960's HIT when I was just a youngin...THE song that made her famous) amongst some OTHER paper flowers......

I LOVE Flowers,,Natural, Paper, Silk, etc. I'll have LOTS of all at "Island Chicks" on Saturday......

My Co-worker Rita at Joyworks asked me a couple months ago about one of the Crepe flower group I made, "What kind of Flower are they?" Heck if I KNOW, but it was fun to make!

So here's Connie, in her Prime....(And Imagine ME 40 pounds slimmer/without the double Chin!) Hmmmmm, Maybe we DID look a BIT alike!

Hope you're having a Good week! These next couple of days before the show are going to go REALLY fast! Ackkk!

Hugs, Love and a "Rosey" Bus!


  1. I would take it as a complement. No one has ever said I looked like a celebrity. Enjoy your busy-ness.

    1. I got called "Xena, Warrior Princess" for a while back by quite a few people in the late 90's....again I was MUCH thinner,,,,LOL

  2. Your Paper Roses and assorted flowers are beautiful. Happy selling at your upcoming venue. It will be exciting to say the least. Blissful creating...

  3. Love Connie Frances. Hey you'll do great at Island Chicks. I will be working at Hutch in la-conner on sunday. Stop by and say Hi as you pass by. You will probably hit tulip traffic so be prepared. Jackie is a good friend of mine so give her a hug for me. She is great, right up there with Serena from Farm Chicks.

  4. Nice thought. Connie is great, but she did not sing paper Roses. The million seller that made her famous was Who's Sorry Now and she went on to have 56 more chart hits in the US alone! Being told that you look like her is definitely a compliment!

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