Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Heads Up",,,,,,New Lapel Pins, Necklaces......

I've been surrounded by,,,well, a PILE of stuff, And well, one thing lead to another and I ended up making a few new Necklaces and Pins......Here's two of my Favorites today.

Lapel Pin with a Doll Head.............

I love these Colors......
Hot Rosey Pink, Black and Creme........
This is made with all Vintage materials. Old Millinery, Creme lace, and old Velvets.
Fun for a Jean jacket or a lacey top!

In the same Colorway and Materials,A Ribbon Necklace,,,,

I'll have both of these pieces, among others for Sale at Island Chicks this Saturday! I'm just about "Done." Well, one is never REALLY done when getting ready for these Venues,,,,,,it's kind of like, "I Should have made",,,or "I should have had",,,,,,I learn a bit more from each show I do. And each Venue feels a bit different.

I hope you're having a GREAT week! It seems this one is going waaaaaay too fast!

Hugs, Love and a "Heady" Bus!

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