Monday, April 16, 2012

New Garden Crown and some Tussies........

I had a busy day working on some goodies for the upcoming " Island Chicks" Show in Anacortes in two weeks! Ackkk! The GOOD news is it was raining, so it wasn't hard to decide whether to work on some stuff or work in the yard.

Here's a new "Garden Crown."

Marla, my "Muse" was rather put out that I haven't used her in a Photo for a while.....

This one? Lots of soft pinks, pops of aqua and a few other "Surprises."

Also made some NEW Tussie Mussies.

I added some moss this time and will add some little "posies" before the Show! These Cavellini papers are so pretty, I kept the embellishments simple.

It was good to get "busy" making some things once again today, it feels like FOREVER since I've picked up a glue gun or scissors.

I hope your week is starting out well. Prayers for all those and those that have families in the Midwest dealing with the tornadoes!

Hugs, Love and a "Fussy Mussy Tussie Bus!"

(I don't know what is going on with my blog the last couple of posts, my pictures and text are all in full html text, rather than simple downloads/uploads so forgive the weird text breaks.......)


  1. Aw, you do such beautiful work! I am busy making an Easter decoration for a friend. Oh well. At least I am doing some creating!!!
    XO and a thinking of you lots bus on the cheek,

    1. Easter, Suz? She must have fallen in love with one of your projects to be making it AFTER Easter!

      Thinking of YOU lots too! Thanks for being my friend! :)

      Love and Hugs,

  2. Lovely pieces. Creative Bliss...

  3. I love your garden crowns!
    Just beautiful, you are one busy
    Thank you for sharing.


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