Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neutral Tussies,, "Wrapping it up!" And a quick "Mary" update.

This afternoon, I finished the last of my "Artsy" Things for this weekends Show....
Lots of Neutral Toned Tussie Mussies........

Fun to make! Using Textured Wallpaper, old lace, tulle, and ribbon.

Boxing/Pricing/ wrapping items for this weeks show! I'm think I'm ALMOST there!

If you're local, I hope to see you Saturday up in Anacortes. It's looking to be a fantastic Show! I'm also looking forward to see many of my Vendor Friends that I haven't for a while! And meeting NEW customers!

Hope you are having a Great week!

(Sis-in-law Mary is headed to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle tomorrow afternoon. They are going to evaluate her remaining Tumor (on her right kidney) an recommend further course of treatment. I SO appreciate ALL of your support and prayers. I'll keep you posted on further updates/info. Thank you. )

Hugs, Love and a "Mussie" Bus!


  1. Please give my love to Mary, Shell!!! What an ordeal, but remember--it IS survivable. Hope she stays positive and stubborn!!!

    I need to see your pinwheels . . . I have a huge summer hat that may need one!

    xoxo D.

  2. Best wishes for Mary and for a great prognosis!

  3. good luck this weekend, and Mary is always in my thoughts!!!

  4. Have a great show. My prayers for good news at Fred Hutch. I will not be able to make Anacortes. Dr visit shows low blood count, another injection and no crowds. There is always next year. Have fun, I'm there in spirit. Hello, to all from 2nd Satz.

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