Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Proverbial Olive Branch......

Shadow, my Black Lab has had a sore nail the last couple of days. We went through this a while back and the vet said to bring her in if she started licking it. Well, this time, at least SO far, no real licking, just kind of favoring it,,,,AND hasn't really wanted to Play. She and my Golden generally wrestle a LOT and Kodi seems to know that she isn't in the mood right now. BUT, Try and explain THAT to a Shitz Tsu Pup and that's another story! Tommy wants to PLAY,,,all the time with the Big dogs. (I think HE THINKS he's a Big dog too!) And Shadow's been a bit cross and protective....But tonight? After I got home from work,,,,Shadow "Offered" Tommy "The Proverbial Fig leaf." A rope. I think she was saying, I'm a BIT better, and even though your a pest, you're kinda cute......So HERE! "Lets Tug!"
And, of Course, Kodi got in on the Action too!
Maybe the message here is, "Sometimes, when you're hurting, you need your friends to understand. Sometimes they just have to remember that you're a bit fragile. Sometimes they need to take whatever your capable of offering and accept your weaknesses." It's beautiful right now in Washington State! We've all needed this SUN so much! I hope wherever you are you enjoyed your day. Hugs, Love and a "Peaceful, accepting" BUS on the Cheek! Shell (The Blogger Format is STILL weird. I can't get paragraph breaks among other things. I HATE it when they start messing with the Formatting. I hope this all works out soon,,,,,,or I may changes Blogging Venues,,,,,this is NOT so fun! Please Comment if you are having similar issues!)

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