Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Junk Therapy" before work today!

Yesterday, our local Senior Center opened a a new THRIFT STORE!

They kicked the opening off by having a big "Garage Sale." So......Before I headed off to work at Joyworks, I stopped in when they opened......Craziness! Tons of people, Tons of "stuff" and Tons of friends/neighbors and co-workers digging through the madness........

I found some great old Bobeche's

Fun old spool of Lace

My biggest "finds" were probably the HUGE bags of Vintage leaves I, of course, White in all shapes and sizes and some Metalics........Not Japanese,,(from the 40's and 50's.) These were all Korean, so more likely 60's and 70's....But if you NEED any,,,I've got em.

It was great therapy to plow through the masses and find a few treasures! Cheaper than a Therapist!

Enjoy your Sunday,,,,,,it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here, so we'll be Hoppin' at Joyworks!

Hugs, Love and a "Therapeutic Bus" on the Cheek!

I also found a fun "Mc Call's" Ribbon Rose kit,,,,all in tact, for 50 Cents.

And a set of 4 heavy duty Bobeche's.......

(Spread 'em out in an old galvanized Oil pan I found that I plan to use to start some seedlings in.....)


  1. Good for you! I've found some great vintage finds at our local Sr. Center. Wishing you lots of treasure hunting days!

  2. Good afternoon, Shell,
    Lots of good finds...I especially like the lace.

    Have a great week. ~Natalie

  3. Your so right honey.....cheaper than therapy and a lot more fun.
    Hope you continue having a special week

  4. Great vintage finds Shell! I'm gaga over that spool of lace! You always find the very best treasures!

    By the way - I am in total love with your fairy crowns. When I have a tea party for the babes next year - you will be making them for all the babes!!


    ps - thank you for sharing my give away on your beautiful blog! LOVE YOU!

  5. What fun! I know you'll do something wonderful with your finds. Prayers for Mary and hugs for you!


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