Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mary,,,,,aka "Bunny" (My Visit at Swedish Hospital)

(This will be my last full Mary post,,,,,it's going to be a long haul, after this, I'll just give updates at the bottom of my posts,,,,,,or on Facebook)

Just got home from Swedish and Visiting Mary,,,,,,aka,,,,, "Bunnie." You know how you know someone for a while, then- meet their family and they have a nickname you've never heard before?  Mary's family and Childhood friends Still call her Bunny............

Today was one of the hardest days of my life,,,,my brother is a mess, Mary's got BP issues and I felt SO helpless. But,,,we're all going to get through this! One Step at a time.

Hugs and "Bunny Kisses," and an emotionally "exhausticated" Bus on the Cheek!

(I promise my NEXT post will be full of lots of Happy things,,,,,,,,aka the Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest this weekend!)

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  1. Shell,
    I am so sorrybabout your dear sil, Bunny. I love that nickname. Cancer is so are right. The love of family and friend's makes a huge difference. I know you will be there for her. You are just that kind of gal!
    Big hugs and an admiring bison the cheek!


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