Monday, April 2, 2012

Mary update and Thanks!

Thank you all for your compassion, concern and Prayers, emails, blog and Facebook comments for my sister-in-law Mary. She was admitted to Swedish Hospital this morning. No surgery though, until tomorrow morning.  The game plan is to remove the Tumor on her spine, remove a disk damaged by the tumor, create a "New" disk from her own bone.

She's a trooper! When I talked to her this afternoon, she sounded good.

(Mary-always with a sense of humor,,,,Last Summer going to "Farm Chicks" in Spokane........Checking in at the "Swanky" Davenport Hotel........)

Frankly? I'm about as UNFOCUSED as they come! I tried to do chores today,,,,,tried to create a few things (I've got Nuttin'!) I just couldn't get out and pick up prizes for the Easter parade this Saturday......

Again, thanks for your support and prayers!

Hugs, love and a "one thing at a time" BUS on the Cheek!

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  1. Good evening, Shell,
    Been thinking about you...and will keep your whole family in my prayers.

    Take care ~Natalie


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