Sunday, April 29, 2012

Island Chicks, 2012.......Fun Show!

Island Chicks was an awesome show to take part in! The promoters/organizers were the Best! We had great Vendors, great Customers, great Weather,,,,,,Did I mention it was GREAT?

Here's a few photos of my booth......

Side View of Booth

Tussies Galore!

My front Table......

Lots of Shells and Paper Roses......(Sold tons of these!)

Abalone and sheet Music stuff

Bird Cages, Lace and Nests...

Bird cage and lace.......

No offense intended, but I called this "Jesus on the Beach." I've seen a lot and even HAVE a couple of these Vintage "Shell lights," but never one with Jesus.

And of Course, always a bit of Crazy Whimsey........

"Marilyn" is always a Show Stopper.....

I sold quite a bit of this Ribbon Jewelry, headbands and hair clips

In my last post I'd stated that I was going to be "Up Front" at the show,,,but we came to the conclusion that being next to the Bay door with the waterfront breeze, that wasn't probably going to be a good idea with all my paper stuff....

Thankfully, the Island Chick crew moved me back next to Linda Morrison, where my Paper stuff wouldn't be "Gone with the Wind!"

Fun to have Vendors and Customers you know, as well as new ones! Too busy to take more photos,but feel free to link to this post if you have any! The next Island Chicks Show will be in September, so mark your Calendar now! (If you're not local, keep in mind that from THERE you can hop on a Ferry and head to the Gorgeous (San Juan Islands),,,,I'm just sayin'! And September is a GORGEOUS time to Visit Washington State!

Have an awesome Sunday! I'm off to Joyworks a bit later!

Hugs Love and a "Chickie" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. I am so glad you did well! I loved seeing these photos!!

    I will MIA until Mid-May so hope to chat with you soon!


  2. You were a great neighbor Shell, was it not just a lovely show? thanks

  3. beautiful job shell, way to go!

    You my friend, are a first rate version of yourself.

    love to you.


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