Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mystery,,,,yet to be solved. "Emma" my Cherub/Angel, John Astor and the Titanic.....

If you've followed my blog for several years,,,well first of all, THANK YOU! Or, if you've visited my home (Please tell me it was neat and tidy! You Most likely noticed "Emma." My living/dining room isn't that big in this little Bungalow,,,so she has quite a presence. And MAYBE some Fantastic History??? I'm hoping to Solve the Mystery,,,,,,,,

She was given to me by and "ex" Man friend. I always say, she's the best thing I got out of that whole relationship......But that's a story I'd rather not revisit.

However, he worked for a man that specialized in Antique restoration, Custom furniture made out of old stuff and was a poor business man,,,,but a great artisan and antique collector.

So? "The Ex" was working in the shop one day and a little "90" something lady brought "Emma" in. Apparently she needed some "work." (Not the little old lady,,,,,but the Cherub) But I digress........

She told my "ex" that she'd bought the Cherub at an Auction in Portland, Ore about 50 years prior. Stashed her, never had her fixed. Said she was from the Original
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, prior to it being torn down to make room for Penn Station.

With ALL the recent talk about the "Titanic" anniversary, and John Astor I contacted Staff at the Current Waldorf Astoria.......

I haven't heard back yet, and I may NEVER know "Emma's" History. And that's okay, too.

The "Titanic" proceeded my OWN family by just a Couple of years. My Mother, Grandparents, Karl and "Emma," (my uncle Carl and auntie Ingrid) came by Ship in 1929 to America.

My Oma (grandmother), "Emma," has always been my mentor. She traveled ALL over the world,,,,,spoke at least 5 languages that I knew of. Lived in Europe, South America, Africa, Dutch Indies, and finally settled in the US. She spoke of her travels, but ALWAYS LIVED in the MOMENT! I hope/think I learned that from her.

So, "Emma" the Cherub? Maybe the Waldorf Astoria will fill me in soon. And,,,if not? I still love her. She will ALWAYS remind me of MY Emma.

Hugs love and a "mysterious Bus"

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  1. Oh my goodness, I finally have a moment to respond to you. Thank you as always for your kind and thoughtful words. I am so sorry about your sister-in-law. I have a cousin battling breast cancer right now. We spent a girls weekend not to long ago and I got them all on oatmeal and the green drink. If she is interested Dr. John Mcdougall from the movie Fork over Knives has some very encouraging diet theories that she might want to look into. My cousin who is danish...has given up dairy, that is huge for her. Anyway good luck at Island Chicks. Jackie is a good friend of mine.
    And stop by Hutch on your way by.


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