Friday, October 1, 2010

Perfect Day for the Pumpkin Patch!

I don't know who or what inspired me more, Debra at Common Ground or another treasured and glorious Day in the Pacific Northwest,,,,,,but I DID head to the pumpkin patch! Honestly? I haven't been there for Pumpkins in YEARS.....although it's only a couple of miles away........

We are truly Blessed here in Snohomish to STILL have many workin family owned farms,,,,,,,,Craven's is one of them! And a place I took the kids often when they were little........

The glorious SUN brought with it some haze, normally you can see the Cascade Mountains in the foreground........but picturesque, nonetheless..........and the air smelled heavenly!!

They have all sorts of fun vignettes and cutouts at Cravens,,,,,but I particularly loved this old Truck!

They had this fun "Harry Potter" in the Petting Zoo Area,,,,,,,,,,I had to go in and check out the Barn Friends!

 Out of ALL the pumpkins in the field,,,,,this little cutie just seem to call out to me! Don't get me wrong,,,,I went home with a pullcart full of other pumpkins and gourds that were in the bins and a HUGE Wagon Full of "Mega" pumpkins,,,,,,,but I just loved this sweet little thing!

I worked a bit on my sitting porch today,,,,for Debras event NEXT week,,,,,,,,I'll share those pics after I tweak it a bit more,,,,,,,,,,

These last two days have been a salve, if you will for my psyche,,,and I'm sure not just for ME, but for many of us living in the Pacific Northwest. The end of Summer and the beginnings of Fall, are usually our most gorgeous days of the year here! Crisp, clear mornings full of sights of our wonderful mountain ranges,,,,,,,to the WEST and to the East.....because you see, we are blessed to be surrounded by beauty. But, this hasn't been a typical fall here.  Well, doesn't seem that way for many of others, living in other areas either. I hope everyone has a few bright and crisp, rain/flood/storm free days in the near future, to help them get through the long winter months ahead!  

Due to the weather, I hit a Couple of Garage sales first thing this morning,,,,,,and ran into my dear friend Deb of "Garden Party." We've been trying to "catch up" forever, but we've both been hopping! I "scored" a free chair and Deb got a great chippy old white chair where we met up. The "catch up minutes," were priceless!

I'm thinkin' the weather will bring a LOT of tourists into Joyworks this weekend! We should be hopping! If you live close by,make sure and stop in! I noticed a LOT of packing/shipping boxes in our window well the last two days! New Goodies! Stop on by!

Whatever you do,,,,,,,I hope you enjoy your weekend~!

Hugs, Love and a bus on the Cheek!


  1. Beautiful shots - can't wait to take mine! Thank you for the inspiration (and it feels like fall now!) Kristin xoxoxo

  2. Love these photos Shell - I love pumpkins - this is a perfect seasonal post! I would have wanted to stay there and take pictures all day!

    Hope you have a prosperous weeekend - we are headed south - way south - to St. Marteen for some rest and relaxation - a way to extend our summer just a little bit longer! It is definately fall here!


  3. Oh I love going to the pumpkin patch! Will be taking my sweet granddaughter Hannah very soon! We're lucky we have a place very close to get pumpkins early...I'll be linkin gup next week with Debra as well..working on the porch all week!
    Have a great weekend!
    Tammy :-)
    love that baby punkin'

  4. Was out in Snoho celebrating my Mama's birthday tonight. Ixtapa for dinner then the biker bar for drinks. Was a fantastic evening in your neck of the woods! LOVE Craven farms, btw!
    Have a great, sun-shining weekend!

  5. Hi Shell ~

    Great pics . . . and I was out *pumpkin hunting* at the same time (will post on that later). I also dropped by The Shed (new post!) in Smokey Point and Kackleberry in Lake Stevens. Found a few goodies too! You are sooo right about this weather, which we'll enjoy while we can, right?!

    Miss you,


  6. Hi Shell, Hubby and I took our grandchildren to a pumpkin farm last weekend. We had so much fun choosing our pumpkins. My four year old grandson changed his mind at least 20 times. I can't wait to see how you display yours.

  7. Hey Shelly, sorry it took me so long to get over here, thanks for the shout outs and free advertising! te he. Glad you're inspired and gearing up for the porch party this week, You better come on over and HELP me, mine is still needing sumpin'?!! Can't wait to see what you've been up to, take care of yourself and enjoy the weather,
    big hugs and lots of love,

  8. Honey you made me feel like I was picking your pumpkins with you and your description of your fall weather made me want to go grab my keys and come see you.
    God would that not be a blast. I can't wait til that day gets here.
    Loved this post I really need to print it out and read it often. It's one of those that makes you happy!
    I love that you live in such beauty. I know the winters have to be horrible because I even freeze in this ole house in Texas ....hahah
    Honey I love you bunches too and when you leave me a comment I am tickled the whole week.
    You and LuLu will be going on your adventures far will you be from me.
    I think you should keep Warrenton/Round Top in your mind for Spring by then surely I can walk like I use to out there. I totally hate I did not get there much this show but my pocket book thanked me last night.
    I found a few things I will post about that made me feel guilty for giving so little for them. I got over it though fast.
    Love to you my friend. Enjoy your lovely days and tonight on that pretty porch do a YAYA Sisterhood dance for us because I am doing one on the gazebo tonight for all of my blog friends. don't you wish you could get that on tape. haha
    Love ya


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