Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Joyworks Birthday Party........there is NOTHING on Earth Like 'em!

Well, If you've read my blog for a while, and KNOW that I work with the best group of women ever (at Joyworks), you also know that we have the BEST Birthday parties Ever! Part of the success is due to "our Jill"-who coordinates everything........So, that said, THIS particular Party was for MOI,,,,and my dear Co-worker Rita.....whose Birthday and mine, are a week apart, EXACTLY! We "keep doing 50" and maybe someday we'll get it right......but we're still working on it, and we are STILL 50!

That said,,,,the sign on the way in SHOULD have been an indicator of the "theme" (and we generally have themes) for the nites soiree or event...........
This sign board SHOULD have given me some indication as to what WE -(Rita and I) were in for,,,,but I just thought it was a great sign!

So.....We all had appetizers.......including Amy's Pumpkin........

Yumm! Tasted better than it looked!

Then, Jill, our hostess,,,,sorry no photo here, I was too aware that SOMETHING was about to happen..........Jill announced a CRAFT Competition.....Between,,,,,,ahem, you may guess, Rita and I !!!

We were given 30 minutes in remote areas,,,,and Cra*** Supplies.....to make something. Then, Clarice, our beloved Boss, and her two daughters would JUDGE the Winner!  No pressure HERE at all! Piles and piles of unorganized "goodies/supplies" and make SOMETHING Fabulous!!! Ackkkkkk!!!

So here's what I ended up making:
My Necklace........

I swear, give a left handed Girl a Glue gun on the RIGHT side of the Table,,,,,,not to mention a FULL Sized glue gun, and whaddya get? GLUE GUN Burns! I'm really not very competitive generally......Although Rita had a Stamp store for years, before she worked at Joyworks......And the pressure was ON! Burns be Damned! (sorry!)

So the judging commenced and we both shared our "crafts."

Rita presented her altered Craftbox.......and let me tell you, it was TOUGH competition, because that gal can weave a story.......well, better than I CAN!  (Maybe it's a Libra thing!)

The Judges deliberated and.................and.........Drumroll please! I WON, I WON!!!
Ugh,,,,I hope Jana got a good pic of me in my Crown she made, because mine are SO blurry,,,,,,
But here's the Crown, I WON!!!
"Joyworks Craft Star" Shut UP!!!!
Sorry, again, I hope Jana got better pics and I'll "steal" them when she posts.......this crown was Waaay cute and it is MINE! HA!

Rita took it well, although she stole my crown a couple of times.....and I thought she was going to give me whiplash at the end of the party! LOL

Oh Sure, she looks all sweet and content HERE.....don't let her fool you! And look at the yummy Pumpkin Cupcakes Jill made us all with Buttercreme Frosting! Ugh,,,,,,,I'm still in a Sugar Coma!

Okay, and overview of all the fun Goodies I got......These Gals are the Best! I love them all and cannot imagine my life without any of them!

Fun Pumpkins,,,,,front and Center from Rita ( I do love her to pieces!) and Sweater pumpkins and Velvet pumpkins,,,and pumpkins embellished with CASH! Thanks guys,,,,,too fun!

Jana always blows me out of the water with her creations......She gave me the Crown ("Joyworks Craft Star") a wonderfully embellished bird and nest,,,,,,which my camera made a blur) And this little Flag Banner.......I LOVE

The actual Banner is going in my Craft Studio,,,,,But I think I'm posting this on my sidebar.......I LOVE this!!! Ackkk!

This is a bit (duh!) blurry,,,,,,,,but I still had to post! This wonderful piece from Luanne, altered with silver, a cute little bird and vintage glass beads! Too Cute! (Luanne also gives me a "Dog" related Birthday Card every year,,,,because she knows I love animals as much as She does!)

Gorgeous Statuary from Amy,,,,,,,,I have several other pieces in this grouping! I love it! Scarf and flowers from Sandi.......Gift Cards,,,Glitter Galore from Rita,,,,Oh my stars! You girls went overboard, once again!

Jill, your home was gorgeous! Dinner and Dessert was GREAT! Thank you for SUCH a memorable Birthday! You out-did yourself!

Thanks SO much! It was SO worth waiting till after the "Ruffles and Rust Show!"

Hugs, Love and a Bus!


  1. Happy Birthday Shell!!! Sounds like you had a great one - you deserve the best!

  2. First I wish you.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY...Thanks for sharing your birthday party and really your party is super and your home was so gorgeous as well as Dinner and Dessert was great...

    Children's Parties

  3. Oh my honey where do I even begin commenting on this post. WOW You girls really do know how to throw some parties and I mean great ones at that. dang why can't I live close to you.
    First of all I thought you were thirty but your fifty...I would take either one today. lol Happy Birthday to YOU!
    Love the necklace you made. How fun to have you too girls do that...good thing I was not fighting for the crown it would of never been on my head.
    Congradulations and love you to pieces.
    Come by and enter my giveaway. You can add the winnings to your next party. lol
    Love ya

  4. I love the necklace - good going girlfriend!

  5. Happy Birthday dear girl. Young as ever, in spirit and manner...oh as well as looks and body too! I have been so busy I forgot to call my sister on her birthday, which was the 23rd. Truthfully on the road I did not even know what day of the week it was. Thank-you for your visits I love your enthusiasm. I keep hearing about the ruffles and rust show too, sorry I missed it.

  6. What a great party!! YIPPIE!!!!

    You are one lucky gal!

    Birthday celebrations to continue in 13 days!!! Let the fun begin....again!!


  7. Happy Belated Birthday, darling friend!
    Wishing you all the happiness in the world. :-)


  8. Happy belated birthday, Shell! Sounds like you girls can really throw a fun party. What fun!
    xoxo, Sherry


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