Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shut UP! Look at this CAKE!!!! And dear friends, near and far..............

I was packing , pricing, painting and gluing this afternoon, when there was a knock on my door.....
On my Porch were my dear friends, Penny,,,,,,aka Penny Girl and her hubby Bill,,,,,aka "Mr. Bill." And Look what they brought me for a belated Birthday Gift!

A Birthday Cake from my FAVORITE!!!!!! L'Artisan Bakery!

Here's a closeup and then a Story,,or Stories,,,,of COURSE you know I love to share a Story!
How Gorgeous! And just let me tell you that it TASTES Better than it Looks! Ackkk!

Thanks Penny and Bill! This is wonderful in SO many WAYS!

The Bakery,,,,,,,and my Memories:

If you don't already know, I worked as a Lighting Consultant for several years (if you ever have a lighting design question, let me know,,glad to help!) Anyway, one day, this gal came in looking at fixtures and she was French. Well, being somewhat of a Francophile, I asked her where she was from and she said Strassbourg.
(Oh my heavens, I absolutely positively fell in love with Strassbourg! In fact,,,if I ever "dug up my American Roots and lived abroad,,,,,,I think I would move THERE,,,,,I love that City!) Not to be confused with Salzburg.......which is a whole other Ball of Wax...........

Ahem,,,,,anyway.....We got to chatting a bit and she asked me if I knew about the Bakery in Everett (Silver Lake area) because they had TRUE Parisian Pastries and Cakes! HELLO??????? Ring Ring????? Well, guess where Shell heads ASAP? L'Artisan Bakery, of course! And well, everything they make there tastes BETTER than in looks.......and it all reminds me of my wonderful visits to France................

SO? The Cake from Penny and Bill? It's not just a cake,,,,although it tastes like Heaven..........it's the memories too!

Penny knows that,,,,,,,,,,,,She knows WHY I love the Bakery,,,,yes the treats, but also the memories!
I shared the experience with her when we had lunch there one day. But even BETTER than the Cake, the Memories of France? Having a friend that wants you to Re-experience those memories is the BEST!

I've gotten to know Penny and Bill quite a bit better this last year. She's working with me at Joyworks now. And Bill had some health scares earlier this year,,,,,and I just felt it was important to BE there with the two of them when he was ill, in the hospital. They are treasures in my life. I feel very blessed to have come to know them both better! I cannot, simply imagine my life, without my "Penny Girl!" And her Bill!

They've offered to help me haul a Truckload of Stuff to "Ruffles and Rust" on Thursday, and Penny's going to help me set up as well. Wow! She's got a great "Eye."  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Also need to mention, to MANY of YOU,,,,, because I feel like there are Blog friends that I haven't written or talked to as much as of late,,,,,,I SO haven't forgotten you all! I've just been SO busy getting ready for this Show! And,,,,,,,,after I check into my Airline tickets on Monday for the Nebraska Event..........Silver Bella........I PROMISE to be a better Blogfriend, once again! (Man oh Mano,,,,,how do these women,,,,some of whom I know and love do these Shows ALL the Time?)

Love and Big Hugs to you ALL,,,,,,And thanks for helping me with the show if you're near.....and Thanks for all the encouragement if you are far!!! I feel truly blessed to have So many great friends!!!


Loves to you all,,,,,,,this is my LAST post until were at LEAST staged for Ruffles and Rust! If you are local....hope to see you there,,,,,otherwise I'll have photos and links to follow!!!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" on the Cheek to you all!


  1. Holy Smokes - I hope somebody shows up at my door with a birthday cake like that sometime! That is the MOST beautiful cake my friend - hope you enjoyed every bite! See - it is OK to wish belated greetings to your birthday friends!

    LOVE you Shell--


  2. Shell, I remember your story about Strassbourg . . . when we FIRST met from blogland!!! WOW, that cake looks incredible! When you get back from Silver Bella (and I am done with shows every dang week), we WILL go to that bakery together . . . you HEAR me?!!!

    I'm stressing too . . . oh, gawd--a 10 x 10 for me????? You've got to be kidding! I predict trips to the trailer during the show, if you know what I mean. I can't WAIT to see your creations, girlfriend!!!!!

    Love you bunches!!

    ~ Debi

  3. Hi Shell, Man that cake looks good and what sweet friends you have! Much success at Ruffles and Rust.
    xoxo, Sherry

  4. Oh honey I feel so horrible that I missed your special day.
    This cake is so beautiful and I bet it was to die for...it just looks like it.
    Now I am hungry plus upset that I missed you day.
    I know you have been busy so I totally understand. My pain in my back is back ten fold so I am not on here very much either.
    But you know I think of you and love you.
    Have fun and sell out

  5. Oh Shelly that cake looks fabulous, How sweet of friends to make a surprise appearance. Have a wonderful show, have tons of fun!! And then off to Silver Bella,
    hugs and blessings,

  6. I'll have to check out that bakery. :)

    Happy Birthday!

  7. I might have to check out that bakery! What's 3,000 miles for a great slice of cake. I'm with you about Strasbourg. I was there 25 years ago and can still remember some of the meals I ate, and what a beautiful city.
    Sending lots of hugs and good wishes!

  8. Those are some incredible friends you've got there, Shell!

    Did ya save me a piece of that delicious looking cake? ;-)


  9. Okay, I want to know where my cake was on my birthday....Penny!!!!! Shell you didn't share with the rest of us at the work force ?
    We'll see you this weekend at the show...Hope we are ready.


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