Saturday, October 23, 2010

BIG Fun at Ruffles and Rust Event,,,,,And Shell, GO TO BED!

Oh my Stars! I had so much fun doing my First Event........Ruffles and Rust......and Truly, I'm exhausticated........(Shell it is almost 10:30pm.......get your backside to BED,,,,,you're "a workin' tomorrow/Sunday at Joyworks) But I'm also STILL Wired from the Event! Lots to share,,,,,Links, photos, STORIES.....oh Lord, how you know how I LOVE to tell and share Stories!!!

 Pic of my little "10x10"...........More to follow!

I'll share more,,,and links to other  Vendors (Check my sidebar also in the next couple of days  under the  "Blogs I follow" for other pics of this Great Event!)

(My favorite part  of the Event, was seeing SO many friends-local gals I've come to know through Joyworks, Vendors I have come to know and love that helped and encouraged ME on my first event and the gals that had never seen my crafts before and their encouragement and enthusiasm!) I've only been "in" this whole crafting thing for a little over a year,,,,,,,,and Wowza! What a FUN ride!

More pics and well Duh!, Stories to follow about the show.....I THINK I'm getting close to calling it a Nite!

Hugs, Love, a Bus on the Cheek and Thanks to all for Everything, truly, the last couple of Days!


  1. I cannot tell you HOW disappointed I am to have missed this!! MY littlest has been VERY sick.:-(
    I was hoping to just hand give you your surprise, but will have to mail it Wed. when I mail all my stuff out. Your booth is DARLING, can't wait to see the rest!!

  2. Hi Shell, Your booth looks fabulous and it sounds like you had a ball! Get some rest and then please show us more.
    xoxo, Sherry

  3. Oh Honey, your space looks wonderful, hope you get rested up, and I can't wait to see more!

  4. Are you rested yet? Well hurry up and show us more cuz the suspense is killing me! I want to see close-ups of your booth and the things you sold! Did you make a million dollars? Was yours the booth that people hung around all day? I bet it was! Show me the goodies Shell!!!


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