Monday, October 11, 2010

10/10/10! A Perfect Day for a Wedding!

Apparently records were broken yesterday for the number of Weddings that took place to mark this special date 10-10-10! Erik & Jessica's WAS a perfect 10! The otherwise dismal weekend gave way to sunshine shortly before the Ceremony, but as we Western Washingtonians KNOW in October-well, pretty much Anytime in the Seattle area, you have it Indoors!

They were married in the beautifully restored Old Opera House in Marysville. What a FUN old building!

The Photos I took "Up Front" where the Ceremony was actually held left a lot to be desired, because guess WHO forgot her glasses and couldn't read the G-Darn settings on the camera........

Well, you guys KNOW by now I am NO phtographer anyway..LOL but you'll get the gist at any rate.

Jessica and her Dad

My Son Andrew Best Man and the Maid of Honor

The "New Mr. & Mrs."

After a lovely Dinner,,,,,,time for Cake~

The "Holman FOUR"
Erik, "my Andrew" the "Fourth Holman, Kyle, (Ellen) Brett

When Andrew was growing up, if he wasn't home, he could usually be found at the Holmans. When I wanted to talk to him, or find him, I'd call their house and say, "Is Andy Holman there?"
Hence, the 4th Holman Boy.

Kyle & Ellen are engaged and will be married in December! Two weddings in Two months! Wowza!

Moi and Best Friend Laura, who officiated at the Wedding.......

Howard and Theresa, Grooms Mom and Dad,,,aka Andrew's "Other Parents."
Grandma Celia (rt) She is a HOOT!

Kelli, my dear friend and Mom Theresa

Andrew and Moi

And Finally, the Dancing....Kelly and Hubby Mike catchin' a Disco Beat~
(Mike told me Kelly hit him with the frying pan for not doing the dishes, hence the bandage!)
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Kell- Bell Today! She's exactly 4 days older than I am~~~

Very fun wedding! I only teared up 6 or so times! Here's to hoping that they live happily ever after!!Congrats!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!


  1. Those photos were so sweeeet, Shell! I especially like the one of you and Andrew, of course. Looks like you're in for several BUSY months!!

    I thought of you this past weekend--no time to even breathe before preparation for the Lynden Show (move-in Wednesday . . . shut UP!!!).

    Miss you and love you bunches,


    P.S. Geez, try my HOME number!

  2. What a PERFECT day to get married.. Yep, I'm a Pacific Northwesterner too...and you DO NOT take a chance on the weather here!

    Congrats and best wishes to the new BRIDE and GROOM...

    Warm hugs,

  3. beautiful, EVERYONE.. and the cake topper looks perfect!glad it was fun

  4. Aw - looks like it turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us.

  5. Beautiful photos! Wishes for joy and happiness for the lovely couple. The cake topper is adorable.


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