Monday, October 4, 2010

"Ghoul of his Dreams!" And Another Wedding Cake Topper Tomorrow??????

I felt like a Mad Scientist, taking the wire cutters to a Vintage Bride & Groom and cutting their heads off and replacing with skulls! But it was kind of fun to see how it would all come together..........

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

I got a few other things made for the show and  son Sean is working on  sanding down and stripping the furniture for me for the show when not doing homework,,,,,,But it's Sneaking up now! Ack! 

Lately, it seems like I go into "panic" mode on Mondays. Working weekends at Joyworks and handing out flyers and talking about the upcoming show makes me anxious,,,,,so Monday's? My ADD or whatever,,,kicks into HIGH Gear! "I've gotta,,,,,and I need to.....and I really should"........yadda, yadda.

Yeah, well, I got about 1/4 done of what I would have LIKED to today! Hope YOUR Monday was a good one!

Okay, so. My Youngest Best Friend is getting Married THIS Saturday. The Groom, my "Third Son," if you will ,asked me some time ago to make a wedding Cake Topper for them. Well, Ahem......I kept asking questions about WHAT they wanted and got no response..........UNTIL Tonight! Again, wedding is on Saturday! Ackk, So Guess what Shell will be doing tomorrow???

I've had painted Paper Mache' Rounds for quite some time.....ready to embellish and make special for the Bride and Groom........Only, tonight? I find out the wedding cake ISN'T Round,,,,,,,it is Square! Okay,,,,,,,I'm going to pray about it, ask the "creative fairies" for their assistance,,,,,,and well, given that the Bride to be is part Native American, I might even do a dance! Anything and Everything that will  allow me to get it done Tomorrow! And make it special and appropriate! Wish me Luck!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus,"


  1. I love them! They make a cute couple!

  2. You crack me up! Too fun to read your blog...just know you're in good company. I call it creative chaos mode ;) Love to join your junk tribe on the what was I doin???? ha!

  3. I have faith in you.. you always come through in a pitch.

  4. Love the ghoulish wedding cake topper! So cool!

  5. "EEEEEEEEK"!!! The "death to us part" fits perfect!! Hope Tuesday is better!!

  6. That topper is FANTASTIC!!!!! You are soooo talented, and your post is always so much fun to read. See ya soon,

    xo ~ Debi

  7. What a great place! First visit here. :) I posted a bit about you on my blog. Hope you don't mind. I looooovvvvve the Halloween cake topper. Very creative. ;)

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