Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Get "Errr Done!" Okay,,,,,,I did! Shew! And Thoughts on the Groom

So, if you read Yesterday's post, you know I had like, 24 hours to get a Wedding cake topper done for my "Other" son. No, not Sean or Andrew, the two that I gave birth to and as you well know, was quite painful!  But, the "third" son? Was totally painless, and has provided me with joy, comfort, solace and laughter since the day he came into my life!  I "adopted" him about 14 years ago.....(When Andrew brought him home after school one day). . .  And he's all grown up  now AND getting Married this weekend! 

Here's the Cake Topper I made in a "Flash"  and Then if you wanna listen, I'll tell you the
REST of the Story!

"Jessica & Erik" 10-10-10

This, I started at about 9:15a.m. this morning, after letting myself into Joyworks  long before anyone else was there,,,,,and foraging through our boxes ........I have NEVER done a custom order this fast! I usually look at it, "tweak it," play with it for a couple of days, if not longer!

This was the first Square Cake Topper I've ever done, and after getting the measurements from the baker for the actual Cake,,,,,,,,It was definetly a Challenge to create from scratch and put it all together! I used a little  Vintage couple I picked up at a recent Estate Sale. Although, I repainted them....Erik is a blonde and Jessica's hair is nearly black! And the flowers were pink.........so..

Erik and Jessica are pretty laid back and casual......and since they've been dating since they were vitually KIDS,,,,,this little duo seemed to suit them....nothing too serious or formal! I'll find out in a couple of hours if this was what they had in mind! Hope it's Okay! I really DID do a lot of praying before I started, because well, I wanted it to be from the heart,,,,,and yet be something THEY would both approve of/like!

I'm going to get all  "sappy" and sentimental for a minute (or two) here. I simply HAVE to tell you how Amazing this "3rd" son of mine", IS!  When Andy joined the Marines, who flew down to San Diego for his graduation and joined me?  Erik!

When Andrew left for his first tour of Iraq,,,,,who came and visited me  regularly and let me cry, listened and gave me a hug when I  really needed one? Erik!  Who went with me to the Airport when we picked him up after that first tour? Erik, and his Mom, Theresa.  And the NEXT tour of Iraq,,,,,,And when he came home, at last, safe and sound. Yep. That would be Erik!

This Sunday, when Andrew stands next to him as  his Best Man, I hope my Son realizes what a  remarkable friend he has. And I, for one, will always remember his love and dedication to MY family, my son, and to me. What a gift!

Jessica and Erik have been together for several years now. They moved to Arizona and attended college for several years. They've been back here in Washington State for quite some time. I don't know her, like I do "my Erik." But I figure she must be one heck of a gal, if they've remained together all this time. And I DO know, that she makes him happy!

My Best Friend Laura is an ordained Minister and until recently, owned a Historical wedding Chapel here in Snohomish. And, as a matter of  fact, she was also the first to employ both Andrew and Erik at said Chapel. She's meeting with the intended Bride and Groom tonight to go over the last of their ceremony......then they'll stop over and pick up their Cake topper.......Well, I could fill a whole Blog "page" or two with praise for Laura as well, but this post is about "our boys" --yep my son and Erik are "hers" too!
It's going to be a GREAT weddding!!!

Can you say "Blubberfest?" Yeah, well, well deserved! I'm TRULY blessed to have had this young man as my "other" son. He's the BEST! Pics from the wedding to follow on Sunday!

Enjoy the rest of your week! Ackkk, I'd best get busy and organized!! "Get Errrrrrrr Done!"

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. OMG look at what I have missed!!! I am dying to call you but it's 6am there so I know you might not be up yet so I will give you a ringy dingy in a bit!!!

    Love you!

  2. Okay, now I'm blubbering too . . . how touching, Shell!! That topper is just darling, and how WONDERFUL you are to those you love. I'm sure they totally appreciate you too!!!!

    Lots of love,


    P.S. Packing like a maniac for Sand Point this weekend . . . !

  3. How wonderful,Congrats to your son and his new bride! The cake topper is adorable.
    I gotta say that Halloween one is pretty awesome too.
    hugs Lynn

  4. What a beautiful story!
    And that cake topper is just perfect, Shell.

    Can't wait to see the wedding pics! :-)


  5. What a great story - he sounds like a fine young man! Your cake topper is beautiful and I'm sure they will love it.


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