Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shell's Little Sittin' Porch,,,,,,An Autumnal View

Debra at Common Ground truly inspired me to get my backside motivated and fix up my little sitting porch for the Fall,,,,and then evenutally in a couple of weeks here for Halloween..........Here's the Autumnal Part.......Autumnal.......I learned that $3 word for "Martha" several years sounds so decadent...not "Fall" but can use it too, honest, I won't even charge you!

Here's the gist of it. Too funny if you look VERY carefully in the window that's open on the left side,,,,you'll see a pair of glowing orbs! No, no pre-Halloween apparitions, it my Black Lab, Shadow, who always want's to know what's going on!

I know these Sunflowers won't last, but they were fun to tuck in for the photos! There in a vase now. I found some fun apple baskets junking this summer. Great to throw some potted flowers in!

My little wire Bistro table,,,,gourds,mini pumpkins and some  handmade sweater and fabric pumpkins from Joyworks friends for my birthday last year.....

(Closer up)
I used some of my Vintage ceramic Cherubs as risers, if you will .........of which I have a Ton!

Here's the Vintage Birdcage that I found at a yard sale this summer for $3. I perched  a crow on top and added some of  the Hops from my yard this year......

All the pumkins, greenery, gourds and leaves are from Snohomish.....The only thing I added to these pics that wasn't grown locally, or from my own yard was the wheat I added to a couple images.......How Fun is that? To get it ALL from locals???

Final pic: A couple of Vintage Chapel adjustable metal Planters I found this Summer. Too fun, but alas, they are going to a new home after Ruffles and Rust ,where I will only use them as props,,,

Sidebar: (Here,,,LOL, I'm supposed to tell One  dear friend  that Another and  dear AND mutual  friend said,
"She doesn't even DO flowers, I do!" I'll give you a hint,,their names both start with Deb....
But, if they pop up at Sand Point,,the friends OR the planters,,,I'm staying out of it! HA~ Love you Both!)


I'm linking this post to "another" Deb.......that would be  the delightful, insightful and creative  Debra at Common Ground for her
Vintage Inspiration Friday Fall Event........
Click on over to see the other Fall vignettes!

Have a Great Friday!

Love, hugs and a "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. Looks so good Shell!! I hope you win.
    How fun, and I love that you got everything from Snoho!! (I think that should give you extra points!)
    I bought tickets to the Stocker haunted field and corn maze from Groupon so we'll be out there Friday night with the ghouls and goblins!

  2. Your porch is just adorable . . . I saw those shiny eyes right away (such a sweet Shadow-boy!) . . . nice job, Shell!!!!!

    Hmmmm . . . I WONDER who you might be referring to in the great *Deb-debate* . . . he-he-he!!! (And, actually I DO *do flowers* . . . at home!)

    xoxo Debi

  3. Shell, the perfect "autumnal" porch!! Love the apple baskets and cherubs and the whole pumpkin patch. Everything looks so festive. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF, and for going to all the work you did. Looks fabulous!!
    love ya,

  4. ps. love Shadow's little glow in the dark eyes. sweet but creepy! te he!

  5. Your little sittin' porch looks terrific! I am particularly envious of that $3 bird cage. Enjoy the Fall Porch Party!

  6. Great Autumnal vignettes and you gotta love that $3 Birdcage...I DO!!!
    Tammy :-)

  7. Love Your Home (My Favorite Style) ~ Love Your Porch..... You did a fabulous job decorating for the season ~

  8. Oh that looks so very autumnal! Lovely - wish I was sitting there right now. Your Shadow is too funny and that's probably what would happen if my Shadow had a window to stick his nose up to when I was taking pictures. LOL

  9. What an adorable, cozzy little porch you have! Love your lab's eyes...that is too funny! Nice touch of fall you've done - perfect - love the pumpkins in the planter & on your bistro - very nice!
    Karla & Karrie

  10. So cozy and welcoming - looks fantastic !!!

    thanks for sharing,

  11. That birdcage is too cute. I think one of the birds got out though. The whole porch looks awesome. Makes me want to pull up a chair and have some cider.


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