Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Ruffles and Rust" Event...Part Deux.....

I cannot remember in recent years EVER being THIS TIRED!  LOL,,,,By now, I'm running on Fumes,,,As I'm sure many others are as well! You own or work in a shop and you WORK the day after the Event????
Last time I felt like this, in my recollection, I'd spent 4 Days in Vegas,,,and was hallucinating Craps tables and listening to Slot machines ringing in my ears even after I was Far, Far away.

It's official, I now have a sign! (Wrapped in a feather boa, duh!)

Maybe I shouldn't even post until my head is clear..and although no hallucinations ,,,and no <"Ka-Chings"> in my head, awwww heck, why not? But I'll post and share more links/photos after some of the other more sane, less exhausted people post!

Friday nite,,,,,people were dressed up in fun "Finery." I wore a Corset I'd made several months ago.....

(Impromtu photo taken by Rene' Groom) as I was getting ready Fri Eve........

There were such great "Glam Gals"- I was SO busy Friday,,,,,,,,,Check back at the next post or TWO for some great Costume/Dress up  Pics!"

( The Pro, and and dear friend Debi Burton,,. of "OrmaLulu" Fame was just next door!....She was a GREAT cheerleader for me during my first Event,,,,Thanks for everything Debi)! 
My little and somewhat "ADD booth...

"Creams and Neutrals" Stage One,,,,,,I sold most of this.....

My "Original " Chenille Trees were a Big hit!

I didn't sell the Child's piano,,,,,But remember this lamp I re-did a while back? She was a BIG hit and sold did  the creme floral wall hangings I re-painted......

I sold ALL my Halloween......other than the Funky wreath I made in the background.........and that was MY FAVE,,,,how weird is that??????? 

This Cabinet,was in the back corner of my booth was ALL wrong for my headbands, hairclips and pins......I still sold several, but I just didn't do it quite right. They were too remote.......No matter.......I'm doing a Hair/Salon Show soon, and they WILL sell there and I'll make more for the event.....BUT, if you have any ideas on how to display them better......let me KNOW,,,,,I'd love it!

My dear, dear friend Penny, provided greens for my Urns and Shopping Basket in the front of my booth......I simply could NOT have done this Event without HER help and I cannot even begin to thank her Hubby, Bill........for all the hauling/loading and moving he did! And, I don't even have a Pic of either of them to post! They were my "Fairy Booth Angels........." Along with my "Sis in Law", Mary.
I can never thank them all enough........

And? I'm just saying,,,,,there is NO logic to WHAT people buy,,,,,,and what they don't! I'm blessed to have Joyworks and other Vendors and Venues that will take my stuff  display it and sell it elsewhere.......

Okay,,,I THINK I hit a wall,,,,and there are Ton's more photos,,,,blog links,,,,,,,about THIS wonderful  event!

It was awesome! Timi did a Great Job for her second event.......the location, the Vendors,,,,,the clientele were great for a first ,,,,,okay second event! I think her shows will just get better and better.....

Where is my pillow? I think I've  finally HIT the Wall of exhaustion!

Hugs and love to So many......I've got several other pictures/links(duh!) regarding this First Ruffles and Rust Event.....,,,,,I'll share soon!

Hugs, Love and a Bus,,,and ,at this point, I'd tuck my dear Event buddies IN Bed!

Stay tuned for more photos/link from the Show.........Good night Irene! Okay,,,,No Irene,,,,but  "Niter's All!"


  1. You did a FABULOUS job, Shell . . . see, all that worry for nothing!! I can hardly move today and have only two days to unpack and repack for Portland Expo. I'm about to have a melt-down . . . !!!

    It was great to see Mary and Penney too, and such good company certainly makes the show even more rewarding, don't you think?! Too tired to post today--maybe tomorrow.

    Love you bunches and bunches,


  2. Shelly...loved being in your presence! Congrats on a great show...

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeek! What a fantastic job you did on your both and congrats on all the sales!! YIPPEE!!

    I ADORE the picture of you in your corset. You are so pretty and your hair looked FABULOUS!

    I can't believe I will be seeing you in just a couple of weeks!! I am SO EXCITED!!!


  4. Your booth looked fabulous! You have the display touch girlfriend. So glad you did well. Hugs!

  5. I'm in awe of the sheer volume of goodies you have, aside from the gorgeous arrangement and design of your booth. Well done!

  6. It was fun to meet you at the show. I'm working on my little "report" on the show right now. :)

  7. Oh my did a wonderful job! Wish I lived closer so I could come and shop!


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