Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a GREAT day! Hairclips, Pins and Headbands......

Wow! Do you Ever have one of those days where you just feel truly inspired? One of those days where you start early in the morning and just work on creative projects for hours and Hours? Do you ever have "one of those days" where you Destroy your studio workspace, livingroom and or kitchen- tables, floors and just "Go with it", No Matter?
I finished a LOT of other projects Yesterday too...Some pillows, some Christmas stuff,,,,some hairclips ......
As you can see, I was kind of "all OVER the board" -Baby clips, and "Big Girl" hairclips here! I had fun using a bunch of different materials and colors old and new.....I'll work on a few more tonight!

I also made some Pins,,,,which could be worn or, if  used in decor........again, too much fun to make, especially incorporating some vintage millenery.......

Some of the Pins........using vintage millenery, tulle, a few rhinestones here and there . . .

I made some headbands again, but everytime I've tried to load that image, my puter freezes up! Weird! I think this little old Gal is about ready to expire! No, not ME, silly friends, the Computer!

Today was a fantastic day at Joyworks! We were really busy~! I think the weather really brought people out and to our nearby pumpkin patches (we have many with all the "horns and whistles" just minutes away).

Jana and I compared notes on next weekends "Ruffles and Rust" Event,,,,,,Ackk, it's sneaking up! I need more days or more energy,,,but "It is what it is."

Well,,,,,,,gonna go visit a few blogs IF this old lady lets me! I've "frozen up" more times in the last couple of days,,,it is SO frustrating!

 Let's hope I sell a bunch at the show, I need a new puter, a camera,,,Okay and "I need a Pony,,, a Rainbow, some Unicorns and Fairy Princesses", while were at it! ( A line from some movie,,not sure which.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus,"


  1. These are just darling!!!

    Hey, did ya get my e-mail thanking you profusely for my wonderful package????
    I'm beyond thrilled, thank you SO much!


  2. I left you an email tonight,,,,,,your email to me went into SPAM! Ugh!

    I SO need a new "system" or Computer!

    If ANY of you reading this,,,,,,,and my BBF Lulu KNOWS from past experience,,,,If I do NOT reply to you,,,,,,,,,,or if YOU email me and get NOT respond.... it's gone into some "Spam account." Hopefully, in the very NEAR future my computer (Sorry old Bessies for This one) will deliver messages,,,,not "Self Edit" into Spam,,,,,,,etc.

    Connie,,,,,did YOU get your package?????? Sent it to Nebraska the same day as Anne's to Texas..........

    Hugs, love and a "Bus"

  3. What a busy girl you have been! With any luck I will see you in Monroe!

  4. You HAVE been busy girlfriend! I wish you much success and hope you sell everything you take to your Ruffles & Rust fair next weekend. Julie Haymaker arrives Thursday. We're going to the Country Living Festival at Stone Mountain on Friday and then she teaches her classes here on Saturday and Sunday. Sure can't wait - it's going to be a bunch of fun (for a change LOL)! Big hugs to you!

  5. You are cracking me up! And oh yeah...more time and energy...we could bottle it and make a million! See you at the show...

  6. These are just adorable. Yes, I know what you mean. Today, I have been all over the place, projects in every room including the garage. Whatever it takes to get'r done. Hope your puter hangs in.

  7. I just got back from my big show in New Jersey so now I can relax and catch up on my favorite Blogs! These are all darling and I wish I could be there to help you out!

    Love and PIECES,

  8. You are kinda busy girl but I know you love what you're doing. Am I right? Anyway, I love your creations! They're are just darling! Good luck!

  9. Oh Shell - these are just adorable - I love them all! Dont you just love crafting from vintage millinery!! These will fly out at your next show!

    (Is it possible to craft without making a holy mess? Please say no~~ my Sacred Yarn Room is unbelievable right now. Those Shorebird nests have destroyed the place!)

    Hugs to you.

  10. Hi Shell, I love all your energy! My projects are normally those that I can start and finish within a couple of hours. Patience is not one of virtues!

    I did email you back about the tin. You are an absolute sweetheart! Thank you so much.
    Drop by and enter my giveaway when you get a free moment.
    xoxo, Sherry


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