Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Part Deux....yeah, I know, but better pics from Jana!

By now you're saying, "Shell, get OVER your Birthday already!" But I had to post a few quick pics Jana took the other nite.....

Armed with my Glue Gun, ready to take on the Competition!

Rita, my competition my fierce competition, in the other end of the house,,,crafting away!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!
Too Much Fun!

Tonite, we have one of our fun "Junk Swap Parties"! Kelly Called this Soiree' "Ruffles and Rust Hangover Party!" Lots of Gals that had booths or worked the show......

Wait till you see the pics of my Dear Friend Kelly's Home. . . All spiffed up for Halloween!

Hugs & Love from the "Joyworks Craft Queen!"


  1. Very cute picture of you in your crown and necklace LOL You look very pleased!

  2. You are TOO adorable! You truly have the best friends in the world!


  3. wow, what great friends (takes one to know one, eh?) Such fun... and OUT again tonight... You ARE the Queen of fun. YEP you need to change your name to Fun Queen Shelly

  4. looks like you had a great birthday! Stretch it out as long as you can.



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