Thursday, September 30, 2010


Thanks for the well wishes on the Headache yesterday! I STILL had one most of today, as well, but the weather was SO gorgeous this afternoon, I just tried to tuck it away!

I didn't manage to take any pictures today,,,,so I thought I'd plug my friend Debra's upcoming Blog Event(s) and borrow a picture! If the weather holds,,,,as it SHOULD tomorrow,,,,I think I'll head to one of our great local farms and pick up a few pumkins and gourds!

 I borrowed this Image from Debra and Common Ground! Too pretty! I don't think she'll mind if I ALSO post her Blog Events on my Sidebar! ---------------------------> Check it OUT!

I SO wish I would have had my camera when my son Sean and I took the dogs to the local (Blackman's) Lake today! They had a great swim and Sean and I found a BIG stick, about 3ft long that they retreived together and brought in! "Kodak Moment" and moi, with no camera! Shortly thereafter I thought we were going to have to swim out and get Shadow, my black lab,,,,,,I swear she paddle halfway out in the lake after a pair of Mallards...........fortunately, it was all fun and games and both dogs got a good workout!

Afterwards, Sean and I came home and tackled some cubbies in the back of my house that were in GREAT need of pruning and cutting! Am I the only one that manages to have the birds and squirrels "Help" plant things in the yard?  Nut trees, Blackberries, and even a "volunteer" Hawthorne tree! We spent a couple of hours getting rid of these "features." Ughhh and OUCH!

I was making a trip to the little mom and pop market for Cat food, when I discovered the Snohomish Farmer's Market was STILL going! I thought LAST week was the end of it, and LAST week it was pouring! Buckets! Still in my gardening clothes, I hesitated, because honestly? I know a lot of people in this little town after 30 years. And there is grubby,,,,,,,and then there is GRUBBY!  And that was ME with a capital "G!" 

But we're talkin' FRESHLY picked Organic tomatoes, the last of the Fresh Peaches from Yakima,  the cutest little head of Red leaf lettuce and a baguette.  Oh and a square of Spiced Apple Cake that I'll share with Sean when he gets home from the College tonight. HA!  Life is too short! 

This week FLEW BY! I cannot believe that were starting October already! If  I get out and buy my pumpkins,,,,,,,I'll link to Debra's Event tomorrow night! Have a great weekend!

Hugs and Love,


  1. My parents use to live just down the street from Blackman's lake!! Was the home tour in Sept? Oh and (PS I WANT this porch!!)

  2. I made it back from 2 weeks away. Still on east coast time so been up since 2:00. Thanks for the visit Shelly...someday I will get to Snohomish. Life is great isn't it. Lovin this weather!!!

  3. One so very pretty and God IS the strength of my heart...forever. Jenn

  4. Oh Shell - these photos are wonderful - so beautiful is Autumn. Love the late season Farmers market - and LOVE your grubby story - that is so me - every time I dash out just for a minute - looking like something the cat drug in - it never fails - I meet somebody that I havent seen in a dozen years!

    Pop over and see my tribute to fall~~



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