Monday, September 20, 2010

Pictures I'd like to be taking now and a new Camera???

Fall is usually my favorite time of year in Washington State. It's usually relatively dry and crisp during the days, although  with chilly enough in the mornings to warrant a sweater. THIS September,,,,we just seem to get RAIN, RAIN and MORE RAIN!  Not our usual, beautiful Fall. Trust me, IF and WHEN we get any of those days,,,I'll share some pics!

Ahhh, yes, Pictures!

I want to buy a new camera. I want to buy a GOOD camera! My little Kodak, just isn't cutting it. I need to learn to take better images (perhaps a class at the local college) and QUIT apologizing for the photos on my blog,,,but hopefully go even a step further,,,,,and create some fun images!

So,,,,My Dears,,,,,,any comments/advice/suggestions???Anne, Karen, Jenn, Deb, Melaine,,,so many of you take such beautiful images,,,,But, in general, I'd LOVE any input you guys have on buying a good camera! Let me know!  And,,,,if you know of  a lens that makes me look about 15 years younger, I'd give my left kidney! HA! Thanks, though, for any insight or tips on a camera!

I didn't make it "down" in the studio today. Just "plucked" a couple of lampshades to redo and  am ready to hit the ground in  the studio running! I miss my little "hobbit hole" of creativity! But I've missed catching up with all of YOU more,,,,catching up, albeit slowly!

Hugs/Love/ and a Bus on the Cheek!


  1. LOVE my new Canon Rebel T2i! Takes wonderful photos, even with ME behind the lens! Whatever you get, make sure to get one with a strap so I can make you a pretty strap cover! Really, isn't pretty the first priority in buying anything?

  2. I have a Nikon D90... and LOVE IT.... But I have it so I can get fast action pics of my DH drag racing... need the camera to catch the action!

  3. Shell - I cant offer any fancy camera advice - I just use my point and shoot Kodak - but your other friends will most certainly steer you in the right direction.

    Everyone needs a little break from "creating" - I really don't think your mind does ever rest - you seem to have so many irons in the fire!

    I would love to see the area where you live - even in the rain! It is on my bucket list to visit there!

    Busy here - work and "those silly nests" - finally winding down from all the orders. We have been traveling - a special trip to Bermuda (before the storm hit!) - (if you get a chance - you must check out my seaglass beach photos) - I am much afrain that that beach has now totally washed away!

    Can't wait to see what you are in to next my busy friend!


  4. I'm still deciding I a new one - will keep you updated. I want something that is able to get a lot of detail for my card business and antiques but is not difficult to use.
    Yoga was soooo great last night. It's the same place I go for Reiki and Meditation - in a church - donation for use of the church only - what you feel you can give $5-$15. Very easy moves for what you feel you can do as you build up. I'll be a regular! Jennifer

  5. I'm wanting a new one, too, but it cannot be hard to use, as I'm in the Photography for Dummies catagory. So I'm interested in everyone's input. Hope your week is going good, Shell,

  6. I say just do it!
    You will never regret it, it's the best investment I ever made.

    I'm a Nikon gal, so I'm biased that way.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  7. I'm with you....looking for a new camera to replace my Sony p&s. It just doesn't cut it for photographing jewelry, especially the bling; it doesn't know where to focus. I started a list of camera recommendations from all you creative bloggers out there. I'll be checking back to see what you decide. Happy hunting:-)


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