Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little Inspration from Common Ground and Dental Woes

Boy oh Boy was I glad to have something NICE and FUN to post about today! I'm linking up to Debra over at Common Ground for her "Vintage Inspiration Friday" So here's my Inspiration and Lord Knows I need it today!

This is Emma,,,,,she's pretty big, about 3ftx3ft. She is one of four cherubs that came out of the Original Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NY,,,before they tore the first Hotel down to put in Penn Station. Her garland is from Hops that I just harvested from an arbor in my yard yesterday. . . I love to switch out garlands and ribbons for the various Holidays........

I feel like doggy-do. There is no better way to say it. I had a molar extracted today that was infected. And the pain meds didn't want to work. He kept giving me more and more and it STILL hurt like the Dickens,,and he NEVER hurts me! His asstant told me afterwards it was because of the infection. So it Hurt. "I will NOT cry, I will NOT cry",,, but I came home and bawled. My whole HEAD hurt! It still does, albeit much better than it was,,, and now  nauseous because of all the G-Darn drugs before, during and after! Ughh!  I So want to feel BETTER!!

It was too pretty of a day to feel like something you'd inadvertantly stepped in on some pretty little Parisian Street.......But tomorrow is another day!

Go check out Debras Blog and see the other Inspirational Pics,,,,,,,she always has great posts and ideas!

Hugs and Love
And Remember, "It's okay to sit on the Pity Pot once in a while, as long as you remember to flush when you're through!" 


  1. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Pity pot, you made me laugh out loud, never heard that one before. Very cute cherub, I would love to see her during the winter holidays. Have a good weekend.

  2. yep, we all need to have a pitty party. hope you are able to sleep through yours. sweet dreams

  3. You take as much time as you need in your pity party! Tooth pain sucks!! Hope you are better soon sweetie!

  4. Aren't you glad you got it taken care of right away? Take good care and get better soon!!

    xoxo Debi

  5. Dearest Shell - I am so sorry that you have had a horrible day - I was just so very afraid of that. I hope hope hope you feel better tomorrow - you must take care of this. I hope you are taking antibiotics -(sorry - the nurse in me coming out!)

    I am sending you some hugs dear friend~~


  6. oh shell! i'm so sorry. hoping you feel much better tomorrow.

  7. Sending you lots of prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery! I feel for ya, sister!

    Love your big old cherub, what a great find! :-)

  8. As a former dental assistant, I can tell you I have seen this before, and it sucks. I'm so sorry for you!!! I hope they gave you an antibiotic, sometimes this helps the pain because it stops the infection that is causing the pain!

    Ugh,... I cracked a tooth and have to get a crown put on it. My first. I have to admit I'm a little 'skeered'... ;) Oh well. Gut check time, as my hubby puts it.

  9. Oh Shelly, I am sooooooooo sorry you are feeling so poorly! It WILL get better!! :) Over the internet waves, I send to you a giant, but gentle squeeze. Along with it, tender wishes to for a quick recovery.

    I must tell you, I love your cherub ... I adore those chubby sweet faces. I have never seen hops leaves up close, but they look marvelous! A stunning vignette!

  10. Poor sweetheart!
    Hope you are feeling better.
    I just adored your stories
    on P&H; YOU could write a
    book!!! And who knows, your
    cherub may have been around
    in 1945 when the story
    I talked about was written.
    How cool is THAT?
    Have a wonderful long weekend,
    Shelly and TAKE good care.
    xx Suzanne

  11. I was just not ten seconds ago wondering about you and how you are feeling. I'm so sorry and hope you feel better fast. After all there are yard sales to hit this weekend, right? Big hugs!


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