Monday, September 13, 2010

Garage Sale,,,,,,,or What I have in Common with Oprah! Found great Pic of my Mom.......

I don't know if any of you caught it today,,wherever you live.....but I watched Oprah's (Last) Season opener this afternoon. Well, at the End, Paul Simon came on and sang a song about 25 years,,,,,and I thought, Jeebus, Oprah and I have something in common! I've been accumulating things in this old house for about 25 years!!!

Photo of a Street Sale in Paris.........

My oldest son Sean,  is helping me sort and organize. "Save," Toss, Give to Charity, etc. Oh my STARS, you should SEE the chaos!

This Friday,,,,,,ONE DAY ONLY, I'm having a Yard Sale, here at the house with my friend Dana Gilpin.....I've arranged Tents/canopies as it is supposed to rain LIGHTLY ....WHEN??? Yeah, well, even if we'd had one earlier this summer it would have either been 90 something degrees OR raining buckets,,,,there was NO in between......So 70ish,,,,and chance of rain,,not too bad!

I found this pretty pic of my mom,,,,while going through things. .she'll be "Gone two years in December"  I miss her SO! ...She was the "Bestest!" I shed quite a few tears today,,,finding pictures of family members, friends and even Wedding pics,,,,back in 1994 with my hubby Karl,,,,who is now, LONG gone, but certainly never, ever, forgotten.

In retrospect, I understand why I've saved boxes of photos, cartons or albums and framed images and haven't managed to plow through them all. My husband,My mother, a dear friend, my step dad, a favorite cousin.....are gone, but certainly NOT forgotten. Hard to go through, and yet I did laugh at many photos, relived fun and memorable times. . .

But? I have my two sons, young men, here, close by. What a treat! What a Joy! I know they'll both be off in different directions soon enough. But I'm SO thankful to have them here RIGHT now! And we, all three of us, are "tripping" down memory lane.....THIS is a GOOD time! One,,,I'm cherishing RIGHT now!

Okay,,,,,tomorrow, the Kitchen (not much) and UH OH! The Basement,,,,aka the storage area,,,,,,aka, EVERYTHING DOWN THERE that is NOT my STUDIO and has no other "HOME"! Ackk,,Wish us luck and if your local, stop by on Friday and buy some CR**,,,,errrrrrr Good Stuff!

Hugs and Love,
(I don't think I'll be posting any crafts this week,,,,,unless we get done ahead of schedule!)


  1. awww Shell, you so look like your mom...beautiful picture. Some days we just need a good cry.


  2. beautiful! and what a chore. I am also a packrat...because you never know when you will need something. ENJOY your 'boys'.. because you really know they are men... Such fun!

  3. Hi Shell,
    Oh, I wish I lived close by to attend your garage sale. Not that I need to bring anything else into this house. I went through drawers and cabinets today a filled a large bag for GW. Good luck with your sale.
    Hugs, Sherry

  4. What a beautiful pic of your mom. I miss mine almost more than I can bear. I would love to make your sale!

  5. It is fun going through those pictures. Good luck with your garage sale - if I was near I'd come and buy some crzzzzz...uh 'stuff'. LOL

  6. So glad you have your guys there to help you! Hard work but so rewarding! Hope your sale day is perfect! Your mom is a darling!

  7. Oh, Shell . . . you look soooo much like your beautiful mom! You've been a busy, busy bee. Doesn't it feel kinda cathartic to *cleanse* your space? Not that I would know personally--now I'm feeling that it's time for me to do that too.

    Miss you!! xoxo D.

  8. Ooooooooo, I hope you sell lots!!

    I love the photo of your Mom. The photo of her is so look just like her!

    Love you my wonderful friend,


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