Monday, September 6, 2010

Okay,,,,,,am I losing it? Goosebump Post!

Okay,,,,so, here's the deal. I have never done much Halloween. Let alone photograph it for my blog posts......But the photo's I've TRIED to take,,,,,and you know me, I am NO great photographer,,,and yet the photos, of crafts,,,,,have just done WEIRD things! I tried to take a pic of a Halloween wreath I made a couple weeks ago,,,,,and I got all these strange images..........Kind of creeped me out and yet I took more, and finally got an image that was Blog worthy.

So Today? I took pics of the hats and whimsical skulls I've been working on......

Here's a little hat I made,,,,,,it says, "She's always been a bit Batty."
And THIS is one of the Good photos without all the weird lights and reflections............

Then,,,,,,,,, finally, after about 40 photos, I got THIS. image............

It says, "Glamour Ghoul"

But the REST of my craft images,,,,,,,,in the basement and a couple, like these, on the dining room table, had light sphere's and reflections that well, I've just never seen or experience before working on my Halloween projects, this year~ Weird!

I've always felt that "This Old House" was a happy one. If there are "ghosts" they made me feel at home/safe.
I've talked with several people over the years, in this Historic Community about Ghosts/a "Feel" of a house, whatever.......and I always laughed and said IF I did have ghosts, they were nice ones..........
But the pics I've got the last couple of weeks,,,,,,,,are really different. I have never seen anything like them.

I only have a FEW more Halloween crafts to finish up. It's really not my "thing." So,,,,,if I do get any more weird photos,,,,,,,I'll share.  I just ignored or deleted them before...........

I still think this is a "Happy" home,,,I don't know about things that go "bump in the night." Kind of fun to think about though,,,,,,as I've had no BAD experiences,,,,,only weird photos!

Comments? Experiences? Am I losing my mind, or just a bad photgrapher? LOL

Hugs and Love,

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  1. OMG, you are SO cute! LOL, I love things that go bomp in the night :)

    What kind of camera do you have?

    You have love mail on the way tomorrow from me :)


  2. These are SPOOKTACLUAR!!!!!! I just love them... thanks for sharing.

  3. teehehhe Shelly, A little spooky!!!!!! but I wouldn't worry about it unless you see your camera floating around on its own. ROFL!!!!
    I'm sure their friendly and just messing with ya!
    Hugs Lynn

  4. My daughter used to think we had a haunted house, but not because of any actual things that would occur. I think she was reading too many of those Goosebump books! However, I remember when we went to Williamsburg about 12 years ago and I took a picture of my kids on a swing {at Old Williamsburg} and there was a sphere of light right near them. I took a couple of that "pose", but it only showed up in the one and it was not a sunny day.

    What you might do is say, out loud, "I'm glad you like all my decorations, but I'd like to get a couple of good, clear pictures please." And see if that helps. My birthay is Halloween, so I don't think anything like this is weird! : )

    Love the witches hats, by the way. I was going to try and do a few of them myself.


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