Friday, September 3, 2010

Eating "Crow" among other things!

Wowza!! What a week! I woke up feeling a BIT better! No pain (hurray!) but kinda worn out! (And for you former Dental assistants and Nurses, yes, I have been on a HEAVY dose of "Anti-B's." ) The swelling has gone down quite a bit too.  Thanks you guys, I appreciate your concern and thoughts! I don't feel "alone" very often....mostly I feel Single and really kind of like it at this stage of my life. But the Animals didn't exactly greet me at the door with Chicken Soup and a blanket......So, all of your kind thoughts and wishes meant a LOT!

So,,,,Friday morning, feeling a BIT better and a beautiful one at that, WHAT's a Gal to do? (Jill, stop laughing!, these were extenuating circumstances!) I went Yard and Garage Sale hopping! DUH!

Fun little Retro Table, HEAVY duty Doll Wardrobe and an old suitcase...

Of course, the minute I got down on the floor, my "Photo assistants" decided it was "Wrestle Time!!"
Kodi and Show,,,wait, maybe they're "Photo Hounds," not assistants!

Here are my other Finds of the day,,,,I especially loved the vintage Nativity, complete with it's original box and if you look closely the little German porcelain baby doll......

I am not so much of a "Red and Green" Christmas Gal.....This Nativity is all done in pastels, with wood and old moss........Gorgeous!

And this Dress?????

Anyone a size 10 that needs a LBD? (little black dress) Oh my , to be a size 10 again!
Ballerina length,,,lace overdress/taffeta lining-sheared elastic back!
I don't think it's Vintage,,,but it's a classic,,,made in the good old USA by the ILGWU,,,,,
How FUN would this be to wear with cowboy boots and a jean jacket!! Anne, I think it's too BIG for you,,,,but I could SO see YOU make this work!

I know it'll fit my dress form,,,,but if you've an event or reason to WEAR it,,,let me know!

Still tired, but it was a fun "Hunting Day." And,,although Fall is in the air in Washington State, it was absolutely beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend! And again, thanks for all the well wishes and sympathy! I'll hold YOUR "virtual" hand, next time!

Hugs and Love,


  1. Yep - your better - I can tell it in your spunky post! (Keep taking those antibiotics!) Feeling so good you wnet shopping - eh? Wow - love the fun stuff you bought! You must have some great garage sales in your neck of the woods.

    ~~~You better hop over and see me - that condo week is up for grabs!)


  2. Is there ANYTHING a good shopping trip can't cure?? I love your goodies, and I wish I was a size 10 again too!!

  3. Hi Shell:
    Such a beautiful LBD...and all the goodies you found! I had to laugh out loud at your "assistants". Aren't they the silly hams? Hope you have a relaxing and creative weekend.

  4. Aw... I love it when my dogs get all 'wrestle-y'!! I clap my hands and get them all riled up- then they go from rolling on the floor to doing a lap around the house at 100 MPH!! Oh, it drives my husband nuts, but it makes me laugh so hard!

    What great finds, as usual! And such a pretty dress!

  5. Glad you're feeling better! Dental work isn't fun at all. Thank goodness you rewarded yourself with some treasures


  6. There is nothing better to take you mind off a little pain than shopping! So glad it worked and you are feeling better. Now, take a couple of more 'happy' pills and have a wonderful long weekend!

  7. Thank-you Marla,
    For your visit, it puts a smile on my face to see you all take the time to share my excitement with Romantic Homes Mag, featured spot:)
    Stay with your passion for objects of desire:)
    keep on inspiring!!

  8. OOOOOOooooh!! ok,
    I've lost it see what excitemnet does to me, I start re-naming my friends Shelly!
    Why did I call you Marla? did you use to me Marla LOL!!! See what a featured spot will do to your brain...Forgive me dear, I am going to blame it on the background noise here while writting you :)

    Talk you you later Shelly :)

  9. Bwhahahahahaha - I KNEW IT! What? You haven't taught the dogs how to fix chicken soup yet? The least they could have done is bring you a blanket LOLOLOL

  10. Wow, that dress is AMAZING! I could see myself in it, for sure. How much ya want for it, missy? :-)

  11. See your blog comments Anne,,,,the dress is yours, my treat if you send me your snail mail!

  12. Glad you're feeling better! There's nothing worse than pain from dental work. yuck.

    Hope you're having a fabulous holiday weekend!

  13. Love the LBD! I'm not quite a ten -- though it's my dream. I've got a wedding coming up in the winter and this may be my incentive to stick to healthy eating -- especially through the Thanksgiving/Christmas Eatathon. Wouldn't the LBD be fun for a formal winter wedding?


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