Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Shams" And Shades" .....And Shut UP! Warm and sunny Weather???

Okay,,,,,Which hurts worse? A Glue Gun Burn or a Needle in the Finger? And come on! Am I the only one that never gets a manicure anymore, because it just isn't Worth IT?

I've been working on some Pillows (Shams) and Shades the last couple of days.

I stipped these mini shades and wrapped in Tulle and "Scrunched" creme seam binding.......two more to go, but I ran out of Tulle,,,,,,,,,Trip to the Fabric Store tomorrow! Fun for a Mini Chandelier, or some wall sconces........

I've also been making pillows,,,,, a few are still in the works. And I'm not sure that I'm quite done with any of these! I may add a BIT more lace/ tulle/etc.

Oh, This is definetly a GOOD "tease" photo! (HA! ONE way to compensate for my poor photographic skills!) But I'll have several Neutral and Black pillows for sale at  the "Ruffles and Rust" event next month!

I'm using muslins, heirloom and vintage laces, a bit of black velveteen and old buttons and ribbons.....Still have several Shams and Shades to make for the Event............

So,,,I'm going to talk weather for a moment! OH MY! I cannot believe what Ya'll are enduring in the South!
Both Coasts! CA in the 100's??? Rain in the South??????? And HEAT in the NE? We're supposed to have a couple of WARM but nice days in Washington State! Thank HEAVENS! But my heart and thoughts go OUT to all of you suffering from Flooding/Storms and record HEAT!

Wowza! What a September! Stay Cool/Dry, Happy and let us all HOPE that October brings a BIT of normalcy!!

(Happy Belated to Lisa, my dear blog friend,  of  "The Davies Dialoges", and to my friend "Jenn" of "My Three Graces" -her gorgeous blog photos can be found on my Sidebar AND  Special thoughts and Prayers to Lynn Stevens of "Trash to Treasures Art" that she's "UP and At 'Em soon!,,,,,,,,,and Mark your Calender for Lulu's Birthday,,,,,,,of Coastal Sisters,,,,My BBFF,,,,,,,and although she WOULDN'T come out and TELL ME! Ackkk! I THINK is the 3rd or 4th of October!!!!)

Love and Hugs to you ALL,,,,,,,you Truly mean the World to ME! I cannot imagine my life without ALL my Blog Friends!!! I know I've been busy and can't respond as often as I'd like to.......but I think and worry, laugh and Pray and rejoice in my friendships with ALL of you!!!



  1. you HAVE been busy... good for you.. and love your 'tease' photos!!! can't wait to see all your projects. With your boys home and your crafts you have been exceedingly busy!!! wow, you go girl!!

  2. These are too cute!!! NO manicures here either!! :-)


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