Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shadow Box and the Headache from HE-Double Hockey Sticks!

I worked in the studio all day,,,,,in spite of the WORST headache I can remember having in a LONG time!
You KNOW it's bad, when you can't concentrate! I took some asprin, which USUALLY works for me, but didn't put a DENT in it! Ackkk! Still have the darn thing!  I'm going to take a long soak soon and HOPE that the steam/heat helps! I DO NOT GET headaches!

My friend Dana brought this "Picture Frame" to our Garage Sale, but the glass got broken while we were setting up! It WAS a Bright Metallic Gold. She asked me if I thought I could use it for something and well, not being one to part with MUCH,,,,,,,,I said "Sure!"

I painted it Creme and well, you can see how ELSE I altered it. The Angel is a Vintage light bulb Cover  I got in a Jar full of  Vintage Christmas Stuff  back in May.........At Annie's Antique Event, here in Snohomish, on 1st Street.......

When I started this Shadow Box,  I didn't really know WHAT direction I was headed in.......I knew I wanted to put some kind of wording in it. I saw a bag of Goodies that Lynn Stevens had recently sent me with other goodies on the sewing table. It was kind of strange, because I KNEW there were Scrabble Squares in the cute orange drawstring bag she sent me,,,along with wooden tokens, Ma-Jong (sp?) squares and some other game pieces. And I decided that MAYBE there was a WORD among those Scrabble pieces...

So,,,,,,,,I dumped them out on my workbench.........and Came up with "NOEL."
Noel-The Christmas Season. So,,,,,the REST of the Shadow Box theme, came as a result of Lynn's letters! Ironic? Maybe not so much!

She's been on my mind these last couple of Days.....I hope she's doing better and will get to leave the Hospital soon! I'll have to ask her later if she had thoughts or dreams of creating today!
I am NO Lynn, trust me, she's one of the most creative people I know, but it kind of strikes me as funny that she was Kind of, involved in this project of mine today!

Wowza! I got a lot of other things done today,,,,I STILL need to go and ship things out, which was TRULY my intent my dears,,,,,,but this headache had me so "sideways" I couldn't think straight let alone drive!! If I owe you a package, I'll just keep adding,,,,,so the "Guilt Factor" will work in YOUR favor! HA!

Hoping the prodigal son will cook the Halibut I thawed- caught  up in Canada and provided courtesy of my Brother, Ross,
I'm hoping to overtake this headache so I can THINK clearly!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" to you ALL!


  1. If this is what you can create with a terrible headache, you should have the hacking cough/cold that I have. You could build the Taj Mahal! You are talented even when you are sick! ME? Not so much.

    You take care girl. A little bubbly before bedtime will make for sweet dreams and disappearing headaches.


  2. Gosh hope that headache's gone by now. They are surely no fun - especially those kind that aren't enough to send you to bed but just irritating enough to keep you from being able to think straight.

  3. can't believe all the things you created and got done, EVEN with a headach! no fun there but beautiful work!! Here's to feeling better, and having a better day!!

  4. Great creative save, Shell. Waste not, want not, te he! Hope you're feeling better by now, Sweetie, Have a great weekend!


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