Friday, September 17, 2010

Wow! Feels like I've been MIA for a while! and see below,,,,, linking "My Meissen" China to Vintage Inspiration Friday!

Today was "Garage Sale" Day here in my Old Garage with my friend Dana. We did pretty Well! But also had a fun time!

Things were FLYING out! Okay,,,,maybe more Dollars than Twenties!

But, we sold quite a bit and had fun visiting with friends and neighbors and members of the community we both knew! Shew! I think, last tally that Dana and I each made about $250 Bucks. So not a bad day!
And,,,,,,we learned a LOT about how to do it NEXT time!  The Soggy Washington weather held,,,,,and actually holding it in my Old double detached garage helped!

But shew! Glad it's over now, Lots of work and "Purging" in the process!

NOW, it's on to Crafting and getting things ready for  the Ruffles and Rust Event in October,,,,,and then getting ready for "Silver Bella" with Lulu in Nebraska in November!

I feel SO behind on SO many blogs and catching up with all of YOU right now! Ackkk! Packages, certificates, WILL go out next week!  Promise!!!

And, as It's also Friday, which means it's Debra's Vintage Event over at Common Ground!

I'd promised Debra a while back I'd take pictures of my Meissen China.

Meissen Teapot

If you are not familiar with Meissen China, in general, they are/ were so ornate/cherished unique that many European Kings/Queens and Aristocrats sought Meissen out. In fact, they STILL produce China in Germany and many works are one of a kind/priceless.

If you "Google" Meissen, much of what you will see is very ornate figurines and then, they too, also made a RELATIVELY common (although coveted) type of Blue Delph pattern....

What I have, my Grandfather bought piece by piece for my Grandmother DURING WWI and afterwards, in Germany, howevever long before WWII. ( My family left Germany for the US in 1929).

So,,,,the set that I have,,,is priceless in more ways than one! This is a really bad photo (sorry!) and yet....

IF you look closely, the cups AND the Teapot all have Swans Necks! My OMA (my DUTCH Grandmother) and my "Poppy", my German Grandfather met at an upscale Hotel on the Rhine, Aptly named, "Der Schwann"......or if you will "The Swan."

Again, if you look up Meissen, most of it is VERY ornate,,,,,,24k gold trimmings, complicated statuary commissioned and collected by royalty. ...

So the China I have? Is basically "everyday" Meissen......and it IS very valuable now, but even more important to ME is the sentiment! And part of a SMALL group of items that was shipped, to the US in 1929-30.  There is more, of course here than what I've photographed! And, I love it SO! They were together over 50 years,,,,,,,,"Karl and his Emm's." Quite the love story!

(Debra,,,,I promise to give a TEA soon, with friends and set the table with these gems! Life IS too short not to use and appreciate them!) And given that my "Oma," my wonderful, exotic, fun grandmother would want us to enjoy sweets! Oh MY, I must, and soon! )

Promise to catch up with you ALL this next week! Love you guys, miss you and can't wait to see what you've all been up to!!!

Hugs and love and a "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. Oh Shell, this china is just so beautiful. Loved hearing the history on Meissen, and then the wonderful history and love story of your grandparents. The swan neck on the teapot is just precious. A teaparty would be wonderful. I think you definitely need to use this. Glad you had a great sale, it feels almost as good to get things cleaned out, but 250 for doing the job is even better. So good to hear from you and thank you dear, for linking up to VIF, you're a real sweetheart!
    love you bunches.

  2. Shell-
    Your china photos and the story of their coming to be yours - take my breathe away. You are right - they are priceless - in more ways than one. You are so lucky to have this beautiful set of beloved dishes - and the story to go with them. The photos are absoutely lovely.

    Congrats on your yard sale success - you are one brave woman. Yard sales are so much work - but the results are so worth it! Would have loved to be able to pilfer in your "trash"!!

    We are weary from our travels - so glad to be home - just hate all the catching up that you have to do when you are away!

    Hope you are all better now!


  3. So glad you had a great garage sale! I've missed your blogging.

  4. I wish I could have come to your yard sale. I'm sure you had lots of treasures to sell!

  5. You are always out having fun!!! that is GREAT, and Garage oh my that is lots of hard work!!! but seems to have paid off in more ways than one! Love your China, I'll have to go see what my china is.. from my grandmother.. didn't think it was anything expensive or special...but ya never know!

  6. Shell glad you made some money at your sale. They are a lot of trouble but worth it....wish you could be here for my girlfriends sale she is going to have soon. She is a hoarder and thank God she is having a sale....she so needs to have lots of them.
    Your china is beautiful. I loved beautiful china....have given most of mine away to my kids. Downsizing at last.
    I am behind with my blogging friends too. I wish I could get caught up.
    Miss you but know I think of you sweetie often

  7. Hi Shell! I love your china and what a great story about your grandparents. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment. You are always so supportive of me and my blog and I want you to know that it never goes unnoticed! You are such a doll and I love reading your comments. Take care, friend!
    xoxo, Sherry

  8. Lovely story about the china... great GS... congrats. Good luck on your beautiful crafting!!!

  9. a beautiful tea set i would say, very colorful and vintage looks but at the same time really pretty

  10. great story and great pieces of china i would say, a beautiful post, all it takes to make a home are some beautiful pieces


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