Saturday, September 25, 2010

Heads up onmy Dear Blog Friend Lynn! And a Postscript on Vintage Cars and Trucks!

If you've followed or read my Blog for a while, you may be familiarized with the incredible Lynn Stevens. She's my Uber talented Blog friend, whom I've grown to know and love, living in Idaho.  She's been in Sommerset Magazines, showing her Cards, paper and Mixed Media creations more times than I can tell you. If you've checked out my Sidebar from time to time,, as in RIGHT NOW,,I do tout her talents,,,,because yes, she's amazingly creative,,,but she's also a sweetie!

Lynn's Hubby, God Bless him, posted today on HER Blog that she's been hospitalized for an "Emergency and  she will be there for 5-7 days........"

5-7 Days? What's happened? "Nonya" as my son would say. Translated to "None of your Business."
Okay, it isn't. But I also started thinking about the whole EBC -Emergency Blog Contact that I started a while back. And, also, maybe WHY it was so important for ME to KNOW about those Blog friends I've come to love and care about..........

You may or may not know, I was widowed in 1994, suddenly. My husband was a pilot, and aerial photographer, but ironically, he died as the result of a car accident on his way home on the highway, from a photo shoot.  So, I guess, as a result, no, I KNOW as a result, it's always been VERY important to me to KNOW where the people I loved and cared about were. IF they were safe. And frankly, it frustrates the daylights out of me NOT to know!

So, then, as a result of blogging, and YES coming to know, care and LOVE  many of my blog friends and finding them MIA,,,,,,,I decided to do the whole "EBC", or if you will, Emergency Blog Contact Button. Because, if you get right down to it, I felt a personal need to KNOW where and what was going on with those I'd gotten close to,,,,,and I thought, if I feel that way,,,,,,all of YOU would want to know about your blog friends as well. Well, maybe a little more emotionally near and dear to ME, but when you get attached to people, no matter the miles,,,,,,,you want to KNOW!

That said, thankfully at LEAST Lynn's hubby has let us know what, to a degree is going on! Pop over to her blog (link above) and leave her a message if you'd like! I'm sure she'd appreciate it!

And,,,,,,if you DON'T have a hubby savvy enough to post on your blog, or if you'd like to add the EBC button from my sidebar with an emergency contact, and haven't yet.....Grab it, post it,,,,,,wherever, on your blog sidebar! As previously stated, "We Love You, We Worry." Who can we contact if your sick or injured?????????? (If you have any questions on HOW to DO this, leave a comment or Email me,,,,,,

Okay, still worried about Lynn, but climbing off my soapbox. Let me know if you need further info on creating an EBC .....Because you DO have people that follow your blog,,YOU DO have people that care.......Who can WE,,,,,,your blog friends contact if you are not available?????????

That said,,,,,here's what happening tomorrow,,,,,,,,In Historic Snohomish!

So, Tomorrow? Is the Antique and Classic Car Show in Snohomish!
What Vehicle do YOU Covet????????? This is MY Dream Car.......What's YOUR'S???

I've always wanted a '56 or '57 Thunderbird,,,,,,,Pink or Aqua,,,,,,,,How FUN would THAT be????

But now,,,,,I'd  also kind of like an old Vintage Truck instead,,,,to fix and paint up to take around the US of A and visit ALL my blog friends... How FUN would THAT be???

Love and hugs to you all! Stay healthy and Happy! And,,,,,,,if you don't have a hubby like Lynn to at LEAST post something on your blog,,,,,,Grab the EBC button,,,,tell a friend/blogger, so we KNOW who to contact and WHAT the heck is going  on! And if so inclined,,,,leave a post regarding YOUR dream vehicle,,,maybe I'll see it tomorrow!



  1. that is my favorite car too, 56 t bird with a continental package!

  2. Hi Shelly:
    Thanks again for creating the special EBC button. I have it on my blog, along with my contact's name.

    I read about Lynn from her husband's post and am also curious. I left a message and will pray that she's alright.

    My dream car? Hmmmm...I think that would have to be a vintage Woody Station Wagon. Room for everything, including the doglets...and the uber cool exterior.

    Have a restful Sunday!

  3. Bwahahahahahahahaha! After finding all of the other things we have in common soul sister - I CAN'T believe we both covet the same car! I've ALWAYS wanted one of those. This is getting too funny!

  4. Great idea about the EBC button! I will be doing that. I have a a couple bloggers gone missing and never know what happened, it's a sad feeling.
    I want a older woody Toyota 4 runner and a brand new VW convertable-loaded.
    Enjoy your Sunday,

  5. Also can you tell me how to add this button.

  6. So sorry to hear about your dear friend, Lynn. Hope she's okay!!

    Yep, we want the same car too . . . cream for Ormolulu!

    xoxo Debi

  7. Shell -
    The blogging world needs more caring people like you - what a good friend you are to so many folks out there - like me! Your friend Lynn is very blessed to have you to care.

    I appreciate that you have shared some of your very personal life with us - what a tragedy the loss of your husband must have been. Did I ever tell you that my husband is a pilot also - I worry every time he takes that thin up in the air.

    Just learning more about you - your life your loves, just all that you share - really, my friend - you are a wonderful soul.


  8. Hi Shelly,
    How sweet of you to do such a special post. I'm home now and on the mend, Thank goodness, worst 8 days in my life! Hospitals are NO fun! It will be about 6 weeks till I'm back to normal (whatever that is) LOL.
    Bless you dear Shelly!
    hugs Lynn


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