Monday, August 1, 2011

A request and a comment......

My youngest, Andrew, informed me  a couple weeks ago, that our family and his lifetime friend Sam had a brain turmor. At the time, Andy issued a request to keep things on the "QT."  Sam, a young Snohomish man, was diagnosed with a brain tumor after having several seizures.

 Now, I've got to say, I've known Sam and his family, for oh, what? Over 20 years. They live in our little town- have been active in the community and well, as a single parent myself when Andy was growing up, Sam and his mom and dad were/are second parents to Andrew. Andy and Sam were in Pre-school together. They were band and computer geeks together......and Sam and his brother Joe have a been a part of my life, it seems, forever!

(Andrew- my son left, Sam- Middle and their friend Frankie, who lives in my little cottage in back-members of a wedding party 2 years ago for their other  lifetime friend, Nathaniel.

Now, I've gotta say, I AM a firm believer in sharing adversities and challenges with others, and "Sending thoughts and prayers out to the Universe" because I think, the more that we pray, care, think about someone in need-the better.

But, I also believe in respecting people's wishes and decisions. And prior to this point, I held my tongue/keyboard. However, Now I can  say that Sam is at home with his mom. The tumor is gone.  And all looks pretty good! They'll get the biopsy results soon, but the doc's all said it looks GOOD! I cried tears of Joy-so so happy that it looks well for Sam-his future and his family!

The very fact that he posted a general statement on Facebook today  about his turmor and surgery AND sent me a friend request gave me a lot of hope and delight that he was, well, still SAM! A BIG relief for us ALL!

Today I spent a good part with my little friend Helen (91) running errands and if you followed my last post about her, she recieved yet ANOTHER bunch of flowers from the Snohomish PD-these came from a florist in a vase this time,,,,,and although the Police officer tried to perform a "Covert" operation-Helen CAUGHT him red handed! Vase and all! So yet again, today we dropped off a thank-you card at the Police Station---I drove, she did NOT, thank you very much!

It was a blessed Day. Sam is home and appears to be on the mend, Helen is acknowledged and respected once again.  And Shell got to get out in the RARE Washington Sunshine and pull a few weeds!

Happy Monday! Think Good thoughts! Say a few Prayers!
Hugs, love and a VERY thankful BUS on the Cheek!
(Psssssst, Sam, if you're bored lying in bed and  if you somehow manage to read this from the Facebook Linky thing.......I love you and hope you know that we're all hoping and praying for the BEST outcome this week!)


  1. Prayers answered and good deeds . . . what a wonderful blessed day!!!


  2. Jan of this year I was diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer. My son put on his FB page what was going on w/o asking me... I think he did that in order to keep sane during a very stressful time. So many people sent good wishes & prayers. They even went back to their churches and added me to their prayer lists. Today I am a walking miracle. I am cancer free. I know prayer played a huge part of my recovery, and I am grateful to all those who sent me their love. I am happy to hear Sam is doing better. I will add him to my prayer list.FB can be a wonderful tool to rally the troops! Thanks for the wonderful story :) Inge

  3. Shell,
    Every time I write, I am right nest to my wonderful cake topper which has a place of honor in our bedroom. I truly cherish it.

    I am so happy for you son's and your friend. I have "kids" like that who feel almost like my own. You are just torn up when something happens to them. Especially at such a young age. There are miracles, aren't there?

    Your post on my blog made me a little weepy. Good weepy. Loving friends are wonderful and especially at a time like this. I am really grateful for the support. Both of us are hanging on but it has been another roller coaster day. Thank God for Jud's doctor who presents things in such a kind, yet honest way. I love her.

    An enormous hug for you tonight and a very grateful bus on the cheek,

  4. Shell, I'll be praying for Sam - it sounds like a wonderful outcome for him. One of my best friends in England died of a brain tumor a couple of years ago-unfortunately for her by the time they found it they couldn't get it all out. I'm so glad they were able to do that for Sam. Hugs to you.

  5. Congratulations SAM! And heartfelt wishes to his family and yours. Such great news!

  6. This is fantastic news Shell!!!



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