Friday, August 5, 2011

Fabulous Junk Finds Today! ,,,,In spite of how my morning started!

GREAT Junkin' finds today, In spite of how it all started out!

I woke up with a stiff neck, and discovered that the Milk in my first cup of coffee had spoiled.....Eww!  A sign of things to come in my Junkin' adventures??
"Estate Sale"-Antiques and Collectibles......Well, sounds good, right? So I headed South,,,to Maltby and lemme tell you this Junker got waaaaaaaay lost! I had the addy, but I couldn't find it and I ended up in some Cul-de-sac  for my first stop, that screamed "KID Clothes and New Junk," but I stopped anyway and ACKKKKKK! And I was truly humbled,,,,,it WAS new stuff but then, there was this FREE Pile? And leaning up against it were these......

Two Vintage Sleds,,,,Free, Ackk! I bought a little somethin' somethin', just so I didn't feel GUILTY loading them into my car! So,,,,,,,the day seemed to be going a bit BETTER!

I finally FOUND the Estate sale,,,,and the driveway alone could have given you a nosebleed and I STILL don't even know where I really was,,,,BUT,,,,,I LOVED this sale and found several great goodies!

A lovely box of old Silver.......5 Bucks.......

Really pretty Pattern,,,,,,,and I was kind of sad that no one in the family wanted it......

Vintage sewing box,,,,,Full of Wooden spools, Scissors, patterns, etc........too, too dear!

Jello Molds,,,,,and Old Chandy, Vintage Garters and

Lace............a Few more finds!

I'll have to share the rest if the photos in the next day or two,,,,Blogger is being UBER slow!

Have a Good Weekend-whatever you do,,,,,,further updates Sat or SUN,,,,My puter is on slow-Mo!

Hugs, Love and a BUS!


  1. Don't you love those freebie piles! Some "newstuff" snobs, just dont get it...LOL Tiffany

  2. what terrific finds, especially the silver! I don't find too many freebies but when I do, I always stop and load it in my car. My last freebie was a desk that I sanded and painted. It now sits in my entryway. Can't wait to see your other photos.

  3. Oooooooo, I can see those sleds propped up by your front door all decorated for Christmas! Great finds Shell!!


  4. Ohhh WOW! I need a day like that....

  5. HAHA! I would have bought something from them too. How rude to just pull up, take the free stuff, and leave. HAHA! Very classy of you!

    Great scores. Love the sleds and candy molds especially.

  6. Good Morning, Shell,
    I'm not sure what I like better, the sleds, the silverware, or the sewing basket. All fabulous finds.

    Enjoy your weekend ~Natalie

  7. SCORE!!!!! Free sleds? gorgeous silver, sewing stuff? wow girl you hit the Jackpot!!!
    Toss out that coffee and have a toast with a glass of wine.
    Hugs lYnn

  8. Oh, my gosh,
    Score, score, score. You did a great job. I love those old sleds. Would look great at the door of my imaginary Up North Minnesota cabin!!!
    $5 for the silver??? Wowzers!!!Thanks for sharing your treats, sweets! (like that?)
    Big hugs,


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