Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Local Author, Fun Mystery Series if you're a Crafter or live in Snohomish!

I always love a book where there's a woman poking her nose in business that is not her own......Like the Grandmother in Janet Evonovich Books, or the Mother and daughter sleuth team in Barbara Allan's Mysteries. So, it was fun to upload another Mystery that had a GREAT rating on the Amazon list AND was a FREE download on Kindle! Score!

I read the first page or two of Cricket McRae's free download and realized the town was "Cadyville," which WAS the original name for Snohomish! And the, while reading the storyline, it all started to "click." 1st street/Rain/River/Antiques,,,,,,Well, dang if she wasn't writing about Snohomish! The references are vague,,,although the protagonist nearly get run down on "1st and Avenue A"---Which I personally can totally relate to since that is where we Joyworks gals are located and lemme tell you, I've come close to getting "wiped out" Myself in that intersection going or coming from work at Joyworks!

So,,,,,,I finished "Lye in Wait" ( A home Crafting Mystery) and I look forward to reading MORE!

Author, Cricket McRae

And Guess what? The Author, Cricket Mc Rae, who has written several other fun Mysteries in this series, including her latest, "Wined and Died" will BE at Uppercase Books here in Snohomish on August 21st at 2:00PM!  (611 2nd Street, Snohomish WA, @ 2:00PM)

If you're local, and have the chance stop in and meet her at this fun Mystery Event!  If you don't live in the area but want a fun mystery  series, or a GLIMPSE of my little town,,,Snohomish,,,,,aka Cadyville...either download the Freebie for starters, or Pick up one of her books!  If your're a mystery fan, like myself, I promise You'll love these books! And,,,,if you're a crafter/cook, etc., the Author offers all sorts of recipies, and concoctions!  Fun books! And pssssssst, If you read them, I'll tell you all you ever wanted to KNOW about the shops/life in Snohomish! Aka Cadyville!

(This book was a great de-stressor for me the last couple of days...when life give's you a good book!)

Hugs, Love and a "Mysterious" Bus,

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  1. Thanks for the tip...going to Amazon to download it to my Kindle right now.


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