Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snohomish Farmer's Market,,,,,and Junkin' tomorrow!

We are very blessed to have a Farmer's Market here in Snohomish that operates from the 1st Thursday in May into October! No easy feat THIS year for the Produce and Flower Vendors with all the Rain we've had, but they are a Hardy group and today it was Hoppin'!

I love to go and get a few veggies, berries, herbs and don't even get me started on the guy with the Stone Pizza Oven! I hate him! Can you say Pear and Gorganzola Pizza  Slices-with carmelized onions????? What a concoction --sweet and the savory!

I managed to get out today relatively "LIGHT"....a Baguette from the Snoho Bakery, a small eggplant and a few other Veggies,,,,But First? I bought a bouquet of Flowers,,,,,,$5 Bucks! The flower Vendors do a GREAT Job!

Love this Bouquet!
It smells as Heavenly as it looks!

Again, 5 Bucks!

Okay, Shut Up!......When WHO should I run into with her Hubbs, at the first Vegatable Stand I walked into ....Holding the above bouquet?
But my Fun, UBER talented friend Diane of Garden City Floral.......

Apparently the alignment of Stars/Fates and Follies was having a good laugh at my expense!Thank you!
I asked Diane to just find a "Firing Squad" and "do me in" right there!

Honestly? I don't know who is more creative and artistic in their flower arrangements......Diane, of Garden City Floral or my Friend Deb Bock,,,,,,,Of "Garden Party" fame. They both do a lot of weddings and I love their floral creations!

Sometimes it's AWESOME to live in a small town,,,,,,,and well sometimes?- Not so much!

Deb (Garden Party) has a wedding this weekend. She's not only missing her Monthly "Second Saturdayz" Venue in Seattle,,,,,,but were not going to be Junkin' tomorrow!
So? I'm hoping to grab ANOTHER Deb. Deb Pate has a booth at Remember When, here in Snohomish.
Let see what we can find tomorrow!

Happy Junkin' if you're out and about and have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do! ---I'd love it if you link to my Blog about YOUR findings! And,,,,Support your local Farmer's Markets if you can! (Just don't get caught buy flowers by one of your favorite florists!)

Hugs, Love and a Organic "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. I LOVE to go junkin'. I don't get much chance where i live. However! We are moving to Sacramento , CA sometime these next few months so i'm hoping that will change! Have fun! Darn those sneaky florists!

  2. Love the flowers, 5 bucks, get the heck out!!!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Shell, I love your beautiful mannequin, I would love one too. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person, I have enjoyed reading your blog now for a couple of years. Take care and have a wonderful Summer! Hugs, Terri


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