Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Junk Show Shoes",,,,,,You too can make them and your feet may thank me one day!

Okay, so I LOVE going to "Junk Shows?" I love DOING Junk Shows too, but for me,,,,the WORST thing about them  was always walking around or standing on all the darn Concrete!  OH MY Aching Feet! Or,
as we used to say back in the days when I worked at Nordy's---"My Dog's are Barkin'!"

So last year? Day's before the Fall "Ruffle's and Rust" show in October,,,where once again I KNEW I'd be standing on CEE-Ment for not just hours, but DAYS on end? I took my most comfortable, cushy, beat up shoes,,,,,,and covered them with old Millenery flowers......They were a BIG hit- mostly from ME because I didn't have to THINK about my G-Darn feet,,,,and I had tons of comments on how cute they looked.....

Frankly, I could have cared LESS initially, because my feet didn't HURT, but then? I got kinda "Squirrely" having these "frothy" flower covered shoes....
These are NOT them,,,,but you'll get the idea here......(Mine in a size 10 looked a bit more like 2 Easter Floats)...But I digress..

These shoes,above?  I bought at a Garage sale a couple of weeks ago,,,,,brand new, still had a Nordstrom Rack tag on them. Yep, they're KIND of a Ballet flat, but TONS of "cush" and padding inside, an arch support and a sliver of a neoprene (?) heal.  (Size 7 1/2 if anyones interested)



I've been looking for GOOD/inexpensive and COMFORTABLE shoes that can be altered because, well:

A) other Vendors and customers looked at my feet and  DID think they were fun and cute and quite frankly at a couple of shows, several Vendors I know drooled- I know, not pretty....but truly?  I don't think it was so much for my creativity, but for COMFORT!!!

B) Well, this point is rather obvious- hearing several Vendors with achin' footsie's,,,,"I WANT SOME!!!"

So,  I'm working on it! Comfort and Retro Cute! If you want to make your own,,,,,just dig up some Vintage Millenry flowers,,,,a comfy pair of Shoes and a glue gun! I've worn mine 4 or 5 times in the last year.....2 "Ruffles and Rust" Shows, attending Farm Chicks, a Snohomish Antique Street Fair,,,oh yeah and one of Deb's Second Saturdayz events....I've not replace a single petal! ( I don't don them of course in the Washington RAIN!)

Again, Make your own if you'd like....I'll be searching for more really good quality flats with a "Cush" for Vendor and Buyer friends for the next show. And will be happy to keep my eye out for You, too.......I've got tons of millenery and honestly, I'm thinkin' about doing the next pair or two incorporating some Lace or Tulle.........

When You're feet are happy, You are happy! I'm just sayin'........

(Stop it! We are on our 3rd FULL day of sun! I've been alternating between the Gardens and my Studio -when it starts getting TOO warm! Funny to be starting Halloween when it is 80! If it ever DOES hit 90 here, I'm pullin' out the Christmas!)

Love, Hugs a "Happy Feet" Dance and Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Eeeeeeeeek! Shut the front door! These are cute!

    I just scored a pair of ORANGE shoes to alter and I can't wait for them to arrive! Can we say Halloween????


  2. Love em, Shell! I wear size 11. I would look like a float in the Rose Bowl!!! I like comfy but Target is selling canoes these days so I but them and then put in these old lady flowers. I do need to get some boring pair of shoes and flower them. LuLu...she would be toooo cute in orange altered shoes!!!
    Big hug and a silly bus,

  3. That was a really screwed up post. I put in old lady Dr. Scholl's liftie thingies.

  4. Pssst, I love Lulu to pieces and I'm sure her shoes will turn out CUTE Suz, But I'm thinkin' when she bought a pair of Plush Boots in Omaha, her feet were as big as mine!

    Who cares? Get "Happy Feet" and make 'em pretty! (We can all get together for an "Easter Parade" one of these years!HA!)

  5. oh those are just the cutest shoes!!! i think i will need to do some altering on my own!

  6. Shell you have the best imagination, Your flower shoes are just blooming beautiful, I hope when these gals were drooling that they missed hitting your shoes! LOL
    your comment about the rose bowl cracked me up. We wear the same size. ;0)
    hubby always refers to them as gunboats LOL
    hugs Lynn

  7. Those are really super cute. I may just have to make myself a pair. So fun!!


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